June 10, 2023
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Race Talk Revolution With Addys Castillo and Nic Rodriguez Villafane

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I had the pleasure to join Lane Cobb and Co-host her Race Talk Revolution podcast, Wednesday, October 5th. Our topic was Our Latinx Heritage – Re-remembering Who We Are. Our guests were Exec Dir. of Citywide Youth Coalition Addys Castillo and writer, educator, artist, organizer Nic Rodriguez Villafane.

Addys and Nic discussed some of the specific issues that affect the Latinx community, how anti-blackness affect the Latinx community, how artistic expression plays a big part in their work, art deliver healing and liberation from racial wounding and much more. You can watch the conversation in its entirety in video below.

Ms. Addys Castillo is Exec Dir. of Citywide Youth Coalition, Inc. in New Haven, CT and a key member of Colectivo Bambula, which addresses anti-Blackness, through the uplifting of Afrodescendencia and engaging in the nuances of Puerto Rican culture.

Ms. Castillo is a public servant by day and performance artist by night. She is a public administrator with over 29 years of experience working across intersecting systems serving and organizing vulnerable populations. Addys is most passionate about working towards dismantling systems of oppression that impact our most vulnerable communities. As the Executive Director of the Citywide Youth Coalition, Inc. in New Haven, CT she organizes and convenes youth, community members and youth-serving organizations towards building a courageous community where young people lead change. 

Addys is a National Urban Fellow and holds a BA in Sociology from Central Connecticut State University; a Master of Science in Criminal Justice and Professional Certificate in Forensic Psychology from the University of New Haven; along with a Master of Public Administration from the City of New York Baruch College’s School of Public Affairs. She is a first year student at UCONN Law School.

Nic Rodriguez Villafane is a writer, educator, artist, organizer. Their work brings liberation and healing to the Puerto Rican community through education, cultural preservation and community organizing. Nic is a nonbinary, Florida raised, Philly based Boricua, they are a writer, educator, DJ and brujx in the Luccumi religion. For more than a decade they have served the community as a social justice organizer and researcher. A former Leeway Foundation Arts & Change grant recipient, their writing has been featured in an array of creative, academic, and editorial publications such as The Philadelphia Inquirer, NASW Press Journal for Social Work, and The Gordian Review. Nic holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Rutgers University Newark. Some of their current creative projects include serving as a co-editor for Sana, Sana: Latinx Pain and Radical Visions for Healing & Justice an anthology which will be published by Common Notions Press in the Spring of 2023, they are a musical collaborator and sound designer for Eso No Tiene Nombre, a one-woman show created and performed by award winning poet Denice Frohman at Intercultural Journeys theatre, and finishing their debut manuscript of poetry. 

Race Talk Revolution is a nonprofit organization with a humanitarian mission: To free people from the bonds of racist ideals and attitudes that permeate American society through constructive dialogue, community engagement, and educational programs. is a Loving, Inclusive platform designed to Strip away the false beliefs that keep us separated as a species. Uncover the not so hidden truth that we all want the same things in life and, to Heal the wounds created by systemic racism. Race Talk Revolution is a safe and brave space for people of all backgrounds to share ideas and opinions and explore the nuances of systemic racism while together growing our capacity for effective anti-racist activism. The Race Talk Revolution community is committed to practicing radically inclusive love. Even if you do not understand or agree with what’s being shared, we ask that you listen with respect, appreciation, and empathy. It is our commitment that every person be encouraged, heard, and appreciated. Because here on Race Talk Revolution, EVERY VOICE MATTERS.

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