June 6, 2023

Refinery29’s Holds Facebook Live Town Hall, ‘R29 Dialogue: Race in America’

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New York City — Refinery 29, a modern woman’s destination for how to live a stylish, well-rounded life, that covers breaking entertainment news, fashion tips, health, and more, held a special Facebook Live Town Hall, R29 Dialogue: Race in America. Invited to appear on the panel were a diverse group of activists and stakeholders to discuss recent events, what they mean, and how to work together for change, Wednesday morning.

BLEA’s Damon K. Jones at the R29 Dialog: Race In America

Panelists included Amani Alkhat, founder of muslimgirl.com; Maria Haberfeld, professor of police science and chairperson in the Department of Law, Police Science and Criminal Justice Administration at John Jay College; Seamus Kirst, a journalist and ally activist; Damon K. Jones, New York State representative of Blacks in Law Enforcement of America & Publisher of Black Westchester Magazine, and Jamia Wilson, a journalist and activist. The town hall discussion was broadcasted of Facebook Live and took questions live from our in-house audience and viewers on our Facebook page.

The discussion was inspired by recent events over the past week, because America has been rocked by a series of deaths and tragedies that have shined a light on issues of racial tension here. So following the deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile and the fatal shootings of five police officers at a rally in Dallas, Americans are wondering what to do and how to heal a country that can feel so divided. So Refinery29, began to think about how they could turn their own confusion and grief into something positive.


Click here to view the whole discussion!


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