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Former Mayor Andre Wallace releases statement on the recent Public Safety concerns in Mount Vernon

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In response to the recently published public safety concerns in Mount Vernon. Former Mayor Andre Wallace released this public statement.

We can no longer hide from the unfortunate reality; crime is out of control in all areas of Mount Vernon. As a result, our city has become dangerous. From stolen packages and automobile break-ins to gun violence and murder, residents of Mount Vernon are forced to live in fear daily. It is inexcusable and unacceptable.

Once elected, I will:

Invest in the development of our youth with mentoring programs, counseling, and job skill training. It works! After founding the first accredited construction trades school in Mount Vernon, over 1,400 students secured union jobs and elevated their circumstances.

Ensure Mount Vernon becomes a business-friendly location–unemployment factors into high crime. Our city lacks the necessary business development to compete with our surrounding municipalities. Companies relocating to Mount Vernon will employ our residents with livable wages. In addition, corporate and sales taxes will fund job training centers to give the unemployed the necessary skills to obtain good jobs.

Create a support network for formerly incarcerated citizens to assist in housing, counseling, job training and employment.

Create a comprehensive plan with county, state and federal law enforcement agencies to remove illegal guns and other illegal activity off the streets of Mount Vernon.

Hire 40 additional Police Officers within the first 18 months of my administration to effectively increase police presence.  Change police department work schedule from rotating shifts to steady tours promoting officer wellness and reducing overtime cost.

Negotiate salaries and benefits for our Police Officers to be compatible with other municipalities to prevent the continuous “badge drain” of our police department.

Review police policies, procedures, and training to ensure MVPD operates within National Policing Standards.

Obtain grants for city-wide security cameras and gunshot detection systems.

My top priority is to ensure all Mount Vernon residents are safe.
So, let’s work together for a better Mount Vernon.

Editorial Note: André Wallace is a Mount Vernon Mayoral candidate challenging Mayor Shawn Patterson-Howard in the upcoming Democratic primary. Starting this election cycle, if we run op-eds sent to us from any candidates, we will give their opponents equal time and published theirs as well, so you the voter can make an informed choice at the ballot box. We will however not run anything attacking other candidates, you got a case to make why you are the best candidate, make it without attack other candidates or it will not run in Black Westchester, period! Black Westchester is a Free and Independent community media source, running editorials or op-eds are not endorsement of any candidate(s)!!!

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