Public Safety in Crisis; Mount Vernon Police Union President Accuses Mayor of Misrepresenting Crime Stats for Political Gain

Mount Vernon, a city grappling with rising crime rates, has been thrust into the spotlight as the Police Union President, alongside concerned citizens, claims that Mayor Shawn Patterson-Howard intentionally misrepresented crime statistics to secure her re-election. Mount Vernon’s public safety has reached an open emergency, necessitating urgent action from elected officials.

During a recent mayoral debate against Andre Wallace, Mayor Patterson-Howard made statements that the Mount Vernon Police Union President has now challenged. The union president, who wishes to remain anonymous, alleges that the mayor has consistently mischaracterized public safety in the city throughout her term. The latest revelation, a blatant lie about crime statistics during the debate, has sparked outrage among citizens.

To shed light on the situation, we present the most recent crime statistics for Mount Vernon. These numbers, obtained from official sources, provide a clear picture of the growing problem:

  • Robberies have increased by 10%.
  • Aggravated Assaults have surged by 16.8%.
  • Firearm-related Assaults have skyrocketed by a staggering 54%.
  • Burglaries have seen a sharp rise of 24%.
  • Overall crime has experienced a distressing increase of 14%.

Alarming figures indicate that the situation is rapidly deteriorating. The past week alone was 109% worse in terms of crime compared to the same week last year. Firearm-related assaults have increased by 150% over the past 28 days, indicating a troubling trend as the city heads into the summer months.

“The mayor’s deliberate misrepresentation of crime statistics is deeply concerning. It undermines trust and misleads the public about the state of public safety in Mount Vernon,” remarked the Police Union President. “If we genuinely care about the well-being of our community, it is crucial that we do not vote for Shawn Patterson-Howard. Mount Vernon needs change, and we certainly don’t need a mayor who fabricates crime data for the residents.”

As Mount Vernon faces an open emergency regarding public safety, citizens are calling on all elected officials to address the mayor’s misleading actions. Concerned residents demand accountability and transparency from their leaders to restore the trust eroded over time.

The citizens of Mount Vernon deserve accurate information and effective measures to combat the escalating crime rates. It is essential for elected officials to come forward and address these serious allegations and work towards a safer community.

The forthcoming mayoral election in Mount Vernon will be critical for the city’s future. Voters are urged to carefully consider the candidates and their commitment to honesty, integrity, and the urgent task of addressing the mounting public safety concerns. The welfare of Mount Vernon residents hangs in the balance, and change is desperately needed to restore peace and security to the community.