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Voices Of The Youth: A Protest In White Plains, New York

Written by 15-Year-Old, Michelle Jones a White Plains High School student pursuing advocacy through journalism.

Friday, May 29th of 2020, thousands of vigils were held throughout the country in honor of George Floyd. The vigils however were not only about the tragic passing of George but the circumstances surrounding his death. George, like many African-Americans before him was a victim of police brutality.

I myself participated in a vigil in White Plains. The event was curated by WESPAC. Dressed in all black, I as well as many others stood in solidarity with people of all races and creeds. We all protested the misuse of power by the police.

We started out the event by either making signs or showing premade ones for all to see. Drivers honked or beeped their horns as they speed past us, in support of our cause. A couple of people even held signs out their car sunroofs. If anyone was wondering, I made a sign that said “Make America Great For Black Lives Too!” 

The event kicked off when the orators took the panel. Some reputable speakers include Nada Khader (WESPAC’s founder), Kenneth Chamberlain Jr. (Westchester Coalition for Police Reform), and Natacha Pannell (founder of Phillip Pannell Foundation). We chanted, Cheered, kneeled, and most importantly listened to what everyone had to say.

After all the speeches all of us congregated and shared our testimonies. I met people of all different backgrounds who shared what “advocacy” means to them. Although many of us led different lives, we all agreed that black lives matter, and racial inequities are leading to the division and destruction of our country.

The WPPD eventually showed up but by that time many had already left. Once I saw the police, that was my cue to leave as well. With all of the ugliness taking place in the world , I hit the road with a sense of empowerment knowing I helped change the world.

Editor’s Note: Black Westchester often helps young writers raise their voices as a way to support creative expression and identity formation. Youth Voices are important because decisions and policies made today will directly affect them as they inherit the future. The youth today are empowered, informed, and have the capacity to have their voices heard. Black Westchester welcomes and encourages the voice of the youth in this column, where we offer an outlet to our future leaders to express and share their point of view.


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  1. Awesome, way to go and STAND UP for a worthy cause, BLACK LIVES MATTER.

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