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Prince Robinson Attempts Make History As Youngest Mayor In Yonkers

Yonkers — Twenty-seven year-old Prince Robinson who has resided in the city of Yonkers, New York since 2008 announced his early candidacy for the 2019 Yonkers mayoral race. If elected Prince Robinson would join Mount Vernon Mayor Richard Thomas and Peekskill Mayor Andre Rainey as the youngest elected to serve as mayor in their city.

Prince has performed stand up comedy since he was 15-years-old, he is also an entertainment manager. Robinson states ” I am a creator, a developer. I know how to deal with crisis and I know how to manage finances accordingly.” His experience as a comedian may come in handy because many residents especially the 500 plus Fire Fighters, Police Officers and Teachers who are facing layoffs think the current Mayor, Mike Spano who serves as the 42nd Mayor of the City of Yonkers and his administration are a joke.

“Yonkers is a truly unique city. There many kings and queens that reside within,” Prices shares with Black Westchester. “I want to be part of the reason that the royalty of Yonkers is noticed from other parts of the world. As far as the layoffs goes this is a severe issue. No person who runs into blazes, teaches in our community, saves lives should be laid off, If you are doing an impeccable job you deserve it at cost, however for employees like fire fighter Gustavo Bravo (who admitted to sexually assaulting a woman at a party in 2016) you should be laid off, terminated and thrown in jail. If I am elected mayor the buck will end with me. Corruption has to end from the very top and so forth,” Prince Robinson goes on to say.

Aside of the entertainment business Prince is heavily into activism. He is a member of Black Lives Matter Greater NY (BLMNY), pictured above left to right Hawk Newsome the president, Radio Personality Marc Clarke and Prince working on on-air promo for a prior “Mission To End Violence” march.

Prince fully supports the residents of the city of Yonkers first. He is equally in full support of the Yonkers Fire Department, Yonkers Police Department and Yonkers Public Schools. The mayor hopeful concurs with Police Benevolent Association Chief Keith Olson that a fifth precinct is needed. Prince is interested in seeing a group of diverse officers are hired at that station if created.

If elected mayor Prince vows to walk the streets of Yonkers day and night to see that major crimes are at all time low, and that police are being policed. “I sat in on the Deborah Danner case, I felt the pain knowing that her family would never see her again, most importantly I felt the pain of officers and sergeants wearing “we are barry” gear. It saddened me that officers supported one of their own who was clearly in the wrong.”

At this stage there are no other candidates who have announced their intention to run to fulfill the mayoral seat that Spano leave vacant due to term limits – unless he manages to overturn it as Yonkers City Hall insiders have told Back Westchester he intends to attempt – wants to get an early start. Prince has a slogan that is growing rapidly in the streets of Y.O which is “A Greater Yonkers.” He plans on holding Yonkers Town Hall Meetings regularly to keep the residents informed he shares with BW. He is constantly working on his campaign via social media for now using the hashtags #princerobinson2019 #agreateryonkers or #princeformayor follow the young candidate on instagram or twitter.


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