The Prince Of Fashion Mr. Mike B – Pt 1

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img_3098.jpegThis renaissance wardrobe extraordinaire and proud purveyor of luxury labels, is accountable for walking masterpieces on the industries most elite power players. A humble east-coaster of West Indian heritage, the Prince of Fashion exudes style x hustle. His dedicated decades should serve as the blueprint for the rule you must follow in order to lead. To all inexorable collectors of opulent goods. Mike B is the vibe.

When your eye for fashion matches the passion, style prodigies are birthed. In turn, your inner circle begins entrusting you with budgets before you are legal to drive, so self-confidence is non debatable.

Having studied the shapes used on the necrology of designers past and movement of designers present, he masterfully zeroed in on his soon to be profession. Heavily inspired by the Fashion Tailor God of early 80’s to 90’s hip-hop Mr. Dapper Dan, he punctiliously infused Dapper’s keen eye for what coming with his own eclectic vision and turned the inner flame on high. As his 8 am days began while interning for mentor Groovy Lou, another Fashion Pharaoh of arguably the best era in hip hop, he noticed he could be greatly compensated for doing exactly what he treasures. The Greenburgh, NY native began wardrobing clients changing their entire perception of fashion. After a decade of becoming Sean Combs in-house stylist & co-creative director for Sean John, he did just that.

Hit the fashion game with the coup de grâce. Mike B’s creations began to bogard worldwide and have graced almost every artist under the Bad Boy roster during that era. He then expanded to others in the industry such as Alicia Keys, Swiss Beats, Ludacris and many, many others. His ostensible unmatched grind has allowed him to transform bodies globally. Black Westchester it was such a pleasure interviewing him and there were so many interesting components to his story we broke it into two parts.

He’s a visionary, style shifter, renegade trendsetter who is at the peak of his game, is soon to release a posh accessory line of his own to quench the opiate-like urges of all luxury junkies. In the meanwhile, his kiddie confessionals line of tops satisfy the insatiable Mike B craving.

Having contributed to many one might argue his coming fashion contribution is overdue. As he says, it’s for those who recognize nostalgia is the flyest accessory, something’s are worth the wait. One thing is for certain, Ibogard worldwide and the name Mike B is indeed becoming a household name and we at Black Westchester support all Mike B’s amazing endeavors!

Stay tuned for part 2 with video interview of the incredible Mike B!

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and check out his websites Bogard Worldwide and Kiddie Confessionals

AJ Woodson

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