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Prince and Dred Scott © By Alton H. Maddox, Jr. (“Attorney-at-War”)

In 1984, Congress passed the 1984 Cable Act. Cable operators were required to establish channels for public educational or government use. This is Congress’ way of throwing a bone to the poor. Yesterday, April 26, 2016, I had a unique experience on “30 Frames a Second” on Manhattan Neighborhood Network in New York City with Nat Wood.

For me, this was a way of walking down memory lane. It would be my first one-on-one interview on a television program in New York since the demise of Gil Noble on “Like It Is,” except for one television program hosted by Harold Chandler, a white man. This is a sad commentary for a person who risked his life and career for his people.

Medgar Evers had to be tumbling in his casket. His legacy was going down the drain. No one was seeking to preserve it. I filed the only “Petition to Deny” against WABC-TV in the Tri-State (Connecticut, New Jersey and New York). Blacks, in Mississippi, would continue Evers’ struggle until they owned a television station.

This is like the plantation. Some “slaves” would throw off steam in the slave quarters, but they would be on their best behavior in the Big House. Blacks are still impressed with militant Negroes while being indifferent to the venue of their militancy. These “slaves” were even afraid of sending a grievance to the Big House and entering the public record.

People v. Liang is instructive. Normally, a district attorney, against a black defendant, takes the adversarial relationship to the hilt. In Liang, District Attorney Kenneth Thompson, at sentencing, chose to take an adversarial position against the Gurley family and the black community.

After hearing the evidence, the jury had decided to send Liang to prison for fifteen years for taking Akai Gurley’s life. This was a jury of P.O. Peter Liang’s peers and no one argued that Liang had been denied due process of law. In short, he had been accorded a fair trial.

On Tuesday night, Donald Trump would win five states on his road to the White House in 2016. Donald Trump had started to audition for the White House on the backs of eight black and Latino suspects. New York has, by far, the most repressive laws in the nation against children. Justice Antonin Scalia would throw Trump a bone in Stanford v. Kentucky 49 2 U.S. 361 (1989).

In choosing to take an adversarial position against the Penal Law, Thompson had to be influenced by Yick Wo. v. Hopkins, 118 U.S. 356 (1886). Asians, while subject to the Chinese Exclusion Acts, refused to spend any money in reversing Plessy v. Ferguson, 163 537 (1896).

Kenneth Thompson would become aware of me in my relentless representation of a fifteen year-old female in Dutchess County, NY. Tawana Brawley taught him the limits of representing an aggrieved black female against a wealthy and influential white man, like DSK of the International Monetary Fund. Thompson decided that “hush money” was the best option for his client, Nafissatou Diallo.

This was the problem in Liang for Thompson who was taught legal ethics in law school. Blacks were not taught ethics on the plantation and they refuse to practice ethics in their community. Ethics is the glue that allows an ethnic group to stick together. The Freedom Party is still unable to draft a code of ethics.

Prince is also a descendant of enslaved Africans. Ethics is an essential part of business. It would affect his decision on how his property should be disposed of after his death. Normally, wealth is kept in the family pursuant to a business plan. Like his body, Prince’s property will be cremated.

I compare my life to that of Louis Brandeis, the people’s attorney. My people call me the “attorney-at-war” and the “people’s attorney general.” Brandeis was a Zionist. He became the first justice of the U.S. Supreme Court and Brandeis University was constructed and named in his order.

Jews would never have permitted Brandeis to be banned from providing legal representation to them because of trumped up charges. To this day, they would still be rumbling. Jews understand that “rules rule” and lawyers develop and construe those rules. The United States practices capitalism. A nation without lawyers is like a nation without a transportation system.

Prince was not a fool. He was a businessman absent family ethics. Prince’s problem is rooted in slavery. Chief Justice Roger Taney saw “Negroes” like Prince as a threat. This motivated the ruling in Scott v. Sanford, 9 How. (60 U.S.) 373 (1857) and the future of talented blacks in the United States. Dred Scott still haunts black businessmen and women.

On my next appearance on “30 Frames a Second,” I will discuss Dred Scott, slavery and Prince’s choice to die intestate. Dred Scott also influences the political behavior of descendants of enslaved Africans. No black person should participate in politics or in business without thoroughly understanding Dred Scott. Blacks need HELP.

May 21, 2016 will be more than a quarter of a century since I was banned from providing legal representation to my people and especially to defenseless, black children. Jews would not tolerate this scenario for a single day. This is why Jews are on top and blacks are at the bottom of the barrel.

There should be a two-way street. The Cotton Club, 656 West 125th Street in Harlem on May 19, 2016 will be the venue that I have chosen to collect on annuity payments from United African Movement, Freedom Party and blacks as a class in cases that I pursued as class actions.

I championed blacks in myriad, class actions. For my investments in my people, I only received one brief case as an appreciation for my sacrifices. No trial is scheduled on CP Time. This is why no lawyer, after me, has engaged in a pro bono practice. Law requires a war chest up front. I had no other choice but to hope that my people would honor my right to an annuity. Time is always of the essence. No trial will wait for blacks to amass a war chest or a bail fund.

University of Alton Maddox is an excellent place to learn “legalese” and “military science” and to study HELP. It provides a weekly forum and online education. Yet, there must be study groups. The headquarters of the Freedom Party should be an excellent venue for study groups. White students perform better than black students in historically white colleges and universities because of study groups held for white students.

For more information, call the Freedom party at (917) 947-8994.


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