May 28, 2023

Black Law Enforcement Organzations & Victims Families Take Their Outrage To PBA President Pat Lynch’s Front Door

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Black law enforcement organizations including Blacks in Law Enforcement of America, Law Enforcement Alliance, 100 Blacks in Law Enforcement Who Care, as well the family of Eric Garner, the father of Ramarley Graham, and family members of other victims that have been killed at the hands of police held a press conference on the steps of PBA to denounce recent comments by PBA president Pat Lynch

“As Black Law Enforcement Professionals, we are outraged over the inflammatory remarks of NYC PBA President Pat Lynch,” states DAmon K. Jones of Blacks In Law Enforcement of America. “Mr. Lynch has been nothing less than professional when dealing with the death of Eric Garner, the family and supporters call for oversight and accountability of those who claim to protect and serve. We will be gathering, to denounce the incisive rhetoric of PBA President Pat Lynch towards incidences involving possible Police Criminality toward communities of color in New York City.”

“It’s ludicrous for Patty Lynch, a longtime police officer, to declare that officer did not used an unauthorized tactic, which is a chokehold,” said Noel leader of 100 Blacks in Law Enforcement Who Care.

“Not one time did I have training that told me to come behind somebody, jump on their neck, put all my weight on him, drag him to the ground,” said Corey Pegues of the Law Enforcement Alliance retired this year as the commanding officer at the 67th Precinct in Brooklyn.

“Come back out and apologize to these communities for the statements that they’re making,” said Dennis Jones of the Law Enforcement Alliance.

“As Law Enforcement Professionals, we do understand that Law Enforcement unions play a distinct role in the protection of labor rights for its union members, BLEA’s Jones continues. “However, when labor rights are used as a cover-up for violations of department policy and procedures, it can lead to criminal acts and violations of civil and constitutional rights of citizens by law enforcement.”

One of Garner’s cousins stood silently with the group, but Frank Graham voiced his outrage. He’s the father of Ramarley Graham, an unarmed teenager shot and killed by police in the Bronx in 2012.

“You need to think twice before you say some of the things you say, because all you’re doing is dividing the city,” Frank Graham said.

The group said while it doesn’t believe the officer wanted to kill Garner, someone must be punished.

Noel Leader - 100 Blacks In Law Enforcement Who CareNoel Leader & Damon K Jones planning next movesCorey Peques, co-founder of Law Enforcement Alliance & Evalina Graham, cousin of Eric Garner [Black Westchester]

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