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Pray For My City – 4 Sq. Peace Project [The Official Music Video]

Mount Vernon – A group of young music artists, ‘ a couple of young students being inspired by the music,’ all from Mount Vernon some who previously and currently had beef, some with gang affiliations, one thing they all had in common was MUSIC, so they came together to work on an album together, making an abrupt and hard break in order to do so. What manifested was The 4 Sq Peace Project.

They joined the together, not only to make it safe for their own futures but to also open the possibilities of a world of more just prison, guns, drugs and death for the generations that come behind them. The elders may feel this is nothing like the music of the civil rights movement music of the 60’s, but one listen and it quickly becomes apparent, it was going to take the voices of today to say the day. They are the future and all we can do now is to help guide them, teach them well and let them lead the way. In a time in Mount Vernon where there is an ongoing civil war in city hall and our leaders can’t come together for the betterment of the city, this young collective, the 4 Sq. Peace Project, show the adults how it should be done.

The young collective drop their long-awaited new video for their soul-stirring sing-a-long street anthem, ‘Pray For My City.’ and you can see it here first on Black Westchester. Check out this heartwarming video of a group of youth bringing the truth and a collective, commanding cry for help and for a much-needed change “… we just want our city back, cause these streets ain’t safe no more…,” calling all of us, young and old, rich and poor to ‘pray for our city! We Need A Prayer!’ 

This city of mine, all the violence…
Feels like we lost our way and lost the love now…
We gonna overcome…
Pray for my city, pray for my city, Pray For My City
Pray for my city, we need a prayer…

Check out the interview with the founders of the upcoming 4 Square Peace Project, Capella Grey and CJ Parchment ‘CJP’, to chop it up about the new project on BWTV.


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