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Port Chester Public School District Set To Vote For Capital Bond Project

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Rye Brook, N.Y.  – Port Chester Schools’ 2017 Capital Bond Project will be put to a public vote, on Tuesday, March 28th. The bond project, developed with the guidance of a community-driven Bond Advisory Committee and approved by the Board of Education, proposes a sound plan to secure capital funding to create 21st-century teaching spaces for 5 out of 6 schools in the district, including all neighborhood elementary schools. The total cost of the 2017 Capital Bond Project is $79,950,000.

The capital bond project would add the space needed to solve the district-wide problem of classrooms functioning at or near capacity – an issue the district was cited for by the Middle States Accreditation Commission. The proposed additions and renovations to school properties are critical to meet the needs of a student body forecasted to grow through 2020.

“The changes proposed by this capital bond project are crucial for us to be able to provide exceptional learning experiences for our current and future students,” said Superintendent of Schools Edward Kliszus. “If approved, the plan would allow us to offer more of the academic and extracurricular opportunities that not only lead to personal enrichment but provide additional pathways to collegiate acceptances for students focused on all disciplines.”

The capital bond project is eligible to receive New York state reimbursement for 66% of allowable expenses. The 24-year average annual cost to Port Chester taxpayers would be $75 per $100,000 of property assessment. If approved, the capital bond project would create smaller class sizes, which improve teacher-to-student ratios and allow for the type of tailored instruction that contributes to better academic achievement, test scores, and graduation rates. Space added by the capital bond project would also allow for added services to students with disabilities, and allow them full access to the mainstream curriculum. At the secondary level, it would provide more space for elective and honors classes, such as the International Baccalaureate program, to better prepare students for college and employment after graduation.

The capital bond project additionally includes facility upgrades for athletics and the arts. Among these, the proposed new high school gymnasium would increase capacity for instruction, while bringing competition space up to State High School Association standards. This would enable the district to host state tournament and championship games. New full-size rehearsal spaces for the choral and band programs will make space for greater educational programming in the presently overused auditorium.

Collectively, the district-wide enhancements proposed by the capital project deliver the best possible educational opportunities to students at every level. This initiative would raise the academic profile of the district and positively impact the entire community.

The designated polling place for the March 28 vote is Port Chester Middle School, located at 113 Bowman Avenue, Rye Brook, N.Y. Polls will be open from 7:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M.

For more detailed information on the items included in the capital bond project, including answers to many frequently asked questions, please visit

About the Port Chester Public School District:
The Port Chester School District provides programs and services that reflect our quest for scholastic excellence combined with respect and concern for the worth and development of individual students. The District’s motto — “Success for Every Student” — has been internalized by every educator and everyone is focused on practices that enhance student learning and make school compelling.

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