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Planning Commissioner Shawyn Patterson-Howard Breaks Her Silence

Corruption, Cronyism and Ineffective Leadership in the MVPD

Mount Vernon – Commissioner of Planning & Community Development and Executive Director of the Urban Renewal Board Shawyn Patterson-Howard breaks her silence after her paid suspension and spoke about responding to the United States Housing and Urban Development subpoena, the many good men and women of the MVPD who support but can not stand with these families for fear of the retaliatory nature of the department and the Thomas Administration, committees being selected who do not have the power to do the job you are asking them to do, and a gun put to the head of a twelve-year-old girl in a raid by the MVPD, Saturday morning at the Mount Vernon Families For Justice Rally on the steps of City Hall.

“I have no agenda, other than what is the best for Mount Vernon and unfortunately we have not received the best that our community deserves and expect. We have a police department that is run by an individual that is a moderate detective at best.  All he has brought to the job is the name recognition of Fatigate. That is all he has brought to the job. You never passed a promotional exam. You’ve never been educated in criminal justice. You have never attended supervisory school by any police organization because you’ve never been a supervisor. You have a Lieutenant who is leading the Major Case Squad or the homicide unit when you were promoted from an expired civil service list. the cronyism is beyond believable in the Poice Department.”

Patterson-Howard who has been longtime friends of both the Duncan and Dennis families was not originally scheduled to speak but was asked to speak but one of the family members.


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