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Board of Elections and NY Supreme Court judge determine petitions valid in White Plains Democratic Primary

Lecouna, Goldman, Kraver, and Siddiqui remain on the ballot

White Plains – After putting her campaign on hold for more than a week, justice prevailed in the case that sought to silence White Plains voters and keep Common Council Member and Mayoral Candidate Milagros Lecuona out of the Democratic Primary on September 12.  Common Council candidates Alan Goldman, Michael Kraver, and Saad Siddiqui will also remain on the Democratic ballot.

More than 500 signatures from White Plains Democrats were reinstated when the judge allowed for “WP” to be accepted in place of “White Plains.” The decision reads, “…there should be no bar to the consideration of these signatures.  There is only one city involved in this election, namely White Plains, and only one city that the abbreviation “W.P.” can represent in Westchester County, namely White Plains.”

“We won!  The Board of Elections said so.  The judge said so and Milagros’ supporters say so.  I worked hard walking door-to-door, standing in front of local stores, so I could collect pages of petition signatures and it feels good to know that White Plains voters will have a hoice come the September 12 primaries,” said Ellen Berger, longtime White Plains resident, and Lecuona supporter.

“Of course, we are pleased with the outcome of this case because now those voters whose voices were in jeopardy of being silenced will now be heard.  It is a relief that we can finally focus on engaging White Plains voters instead of isolating them with legal battles,” said candidate Lecuona.

“There is no doubt innocent mistakes were made in the way we gathered our petitions.  Changes have been made so we can run an effective and efficient campaign.  So many volunteers worked very hard to ensure that I was able to get on the ballot and their efforts will not be in vain.  I want to thank them for their support and those who signed my petitions for their support,” Lecuona further explained.

The record reads “…the Court determines that plaintiffs have failed to establish, by clear and convincing evidence, that respondents’ designating petitions were permeated with fraud…On the facts adduced at the hearing, the Court finds there was no danger of fraud or confusion either to the Board or to the voters.”

“This legal battle was a thinly vailed attempt to keep anyone who challenged the current power structure from speaking out.  It is a shame the party bosses are so intimidated by opposing opinions that they will go through such extremes to shut down their own voters, many of whom are women and people of color.  That and the FASNY issue are why I am shopping for a new mayor this election cycle,” said Yvonne Gumowitz.

The White Plains Democratic primary will be held September 12.


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