June 6, 2023
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BW Radio Presents: People Before Politics With Guest Captain Dennis Muhammad Sunday, Aug 3rd @ 6-8PM

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…all of these inhuman atrocities have been inflicted upon us by the American governmental authorities, the police themselves, for no reason other than that we seek the recognition and respect granted other human beings in America.
The American Government is either unable or unwilling to protect the lives and property of your 22 million African-American brothers and sisters. We stand defenseless, at the mercy of American racists who murder us at will for no reason other than we are black and of African descent… Malcolm X speaking at Organization of African Unity meeting in Cairo, Egypt July 17, 1964

Black Westchester expands their multi-media presence with the launching of a new internet radio show, Black Westchester Radio Presents People Before Politics’ Sunday nights 6-8PM on In The Mixx Radio. The debut show will be this Sunday August 3rd hosted by Black Westchester Magazine’s publisher Damon K. Jones and Editor-In-Chief AJ Woodson. People Before Politics will air directly following Epic Team 6’s show Certified Epic Sundays which comes on from 4-6PM.

thThe topic for the inaugural show will be, Police Community Relationships And Our Responsibility In Keeping Our Community Safe From Crime And Violence. Captain Dennis Muhammad Founder of The PeaceKeepers, will be the first guest. He will be in the speak on the show topic and the work he is doing in the community in the second hour of the show.

Keeping with the tradition of BW – News With A Black Point Of View, People Before Politics will be a live talk-show format dealing with issues in the community, where callers can call in an interact with and engage in conversation with the show’s hosts and let their voices be heard.

You can catch People Before Politics on In The Mixx Radio at www.InTheMixxRadio.com or download the stations app on your smartphones to check out the show. Archives of the shows will be available on Black Westchester a day or two after they air.  Check out the show Sunday, August 3rd at 6-8PM and every Sunday following. Call up and let your voice be heard live on the show 718.705.4959

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