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Dem Endorsed Mayoral Candidate Andre Rainey Accuses Peekskill GOP of Stealing Petition Signatures

Luis Segarra was seen in Peekskill gathering signatures and when questioned told the voters he was running on the ticket with Andre Rainey.

Silly Season has officially begun in the many municipalities of Westchester County. Just 40 miles (64 km) north of New York City in the City of Peekskill, where 23,583 people reside and the racial makeup of the city was 35.8% White, 21.4%, they have more of a two-party system than it’s counterparts in Southern Westchester like Mount Vernon, where Black outnumbers Whites and Democrats outnumber Republicans so much it’s often considered a one-party city, Democrats are accusing Republicans of stealing petition signatures.

Peekskill Democratic City Committee endorsed Mayoral candidate Andre Rainey contacted Black Westchester Magazine to inform us of a DINO (Democrats In Name Only) Luis Segarra, who is running for Common Council and endorsed on the Peekskill Republican Committee’s Peekskill United ticket, that includes the incumbents, Mayor Frank A. Catalina and Councilman Joe Torres, and Democrats Luis Segarra and Bob Sullivan for Common Council.

DINO, Luis Segarra was seen campaigning in Peekskill obtaining signatures and when questioned told the voters he was running on the ticket with Andre Rainey. This accusation would normally be hard to prove if Segarra had not identified himself and lied to Rainey’s grandmother and she called him to confirm that Segarra was running with him.

“The GOP of Peekskill has decided to steal our votes in Peekskill,: Rainey tells BW. “The individuals on the Republican slate are Democrats and apparently have lied to citizens by saying they’re running with “Rainey.” We have proof because my Grandmother signed, unsure of who one of them were until he informed her that he was ‘running with me.’

To shed some light of the situation before it got too out of hand and set the record straight, Mayoral candidate Andre Rainey issued the following statement;

As time goes by, we are seeing that our government is becoming more corrupt, backstabbing, and cutthroat. You can clearly see that some don’t have any integrity or interest in pushing Peekskill towards success the correct way. It saddens me to see how these individuals move and what they do during election time. Though they’ve lied and told people to sign signatures because they’re running with “Rainey”, I can assure you, my team will run a positive, fair and clean campaign. We realize the value of this city and if we plan on representing this city and being the face of the people, we must accept all challenges with a smile, and stay focused. I’ve come to the realization, some are only interested in their own agendas . And we native, family and friends, Peekskill citizens have somehow allowed th ese kind of individuals to   take office , for decades . I think there are a few things Peekskill needs to know about me and my Democratic slate.

1. WE HAVE INTEGRITY. Integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness. I cannot stress how important this is. If we give you our word, we keep it! If you say something, keep it truthful and don’t try to spin it. We expect people to elect us because they trust that we will lead this city to success. Success will come and go but integrity is forever. Do the right thing at all times and in all circumstances, whether or not anyone is watching. It takes courage to do the right thing, no matter what the consequences will be. Therefore, we may not respond to false information about us, or fake ‘anonymous’ blogs trying to destroy our individual character.

2. WE WILL OWN THE PROBLEM. It doesn’t matter which politician or party did what. WE will be in charge. Own the problem, apologize, and provide solutions. If what a citizen says is true, we own the problem. “Yes, the city did such a thing and I’m truly sorry for what has been done. We will do …to make sure this doesn’t happen again.” We are getting tired of this blame game on previous administrations . It doesn’t matter who started: we plan to be the ones to end it.

3. WE WILL GIVE RESPECT. It’s a disgrace hearing the council meetings our leadership controls . All we hear is shouting, playing the blame, and drama. I once thought that the council meetings were the platform where everyone comes together to discuss issues and SOLUTIONS and come up with an action plan to move forward on projects, concerns, and issues .

4. WE ARE WILLING TO LEARN. It’s vital to learn from the past. If you are going to hold on to the past, at least analyze the situation and learn from it. .” Use the past as a learning experience and move on.

We identify with this city and continuously express our appreciation for EVERYONE’s willingness to participate in our local progress . This initiative is a great opportunity to bring together the diversity and organizations that work to protect and improve the health of Peekskill , and a means to promote our strengths and weaknesses as a community .

Peekskill has the potential for greater success and we need leaders with strong integrity and professionalism to lead us.

WE will be counting on your support as I campaign throughout the city of Peekskill, reminding the citizens and visitors of this amazing city, Government is for the people, by the people, but somehow our elected officials (amongst others) have lost sight of that which they have sworn to uphold. It’s time we send our elected officials a strong message by joining me in my campaign to give the power back to the people.

Councilman Andre Rainey is running for Mayor with Colin Smith, Ramon Fernandez and Vanessa Agudelo for Common Council.

Stay tuned to Black Westchester for more on this heated race.


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