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Peekskill Councilman Andre Rainey Fights For Recreation of Human Relations Commission

Letter from Peekskill Councilman Rainey, to the city mayor and council after months of attempts to recreate the Human Relations Commission…

Dear council members City Manager & Frank, Over a month ago I e-mailed this entire council,

Over a month ago I e-mailed this entire council, mayor, and city manager, asking to move forward with the Human Relations Commission interviews and appointments. Although our Mayor played an unexpected, unnecessary game with this board, we’ve waited weeks to receive the names he finally decided to submit. I fear my message was not transmitted properly as I have received no reply and it’s STILL not up for discussion ON the agenda!

In order to keep the competence level, I assume we all have, I’ve decided to try another route. I would like this Human Relations Commission on the agenda EVERY WEEK until it’s filled and active. This way, we won’t “miss” it, again. I would be very pleased to receive a confirmation when ALL you have read my letter. Including you Joe.

Although my first 10/12 e-mails in this issue seems to have been misplaced in all of me and Frank’s correspondence, I trust that you will now give your immediate attention to this issue so we can get this board, amongst others, filled and active. Thank you for reminding me of what teamwork is, I’ll see you all tomorrow evening.

Happy Tuesday, ARainey


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