Special Edition of The People Before Politics Radio Show Episode 292 – The Greenburgh Housing Crisis

Black Westchester received a letter to the editor that alleged Seniors being displaced. We received several calls and emails from residents for about three weeks about he situation, mostly in support of the allegations in the letter asking me to help shed light on what’s going. Then we started receiving emails from the Executive Director of the Greenburgh Housing Authority (GHA) Raju Abraham and received links to a video of a meeting where members of the GHA stating the letter to the editor was full of misrepresentation of the facts. We received calls about residents being silent when trying to speak up including a senior or two. So after many calls for Black Westchester to look into what’s really going on we scheduled a special edition our weekly talk radio show, People Before Politics. Friday, March 19th and Dr. Bob and myself held a forum to open up dialog to try to bring out some solutions. We invited the Chairman of GHA’s Board Bishop Wilbert Preston – who says the letter by Greenburgh Housing Authority’s Federal Sites Commissioner Renee Robinson was misleading – Town of Greenburgh Supervisor Paul Feiner, Executive Director of Greenburgh /Ceo Greenburgh Housing Authority, Raju Abraham (who did not appear on the show), Greenburgh Housing Authority’s Federal Sites Commissioner Renee Robinson, Former Greenburgh Housing Authority State Site Commissioner Clifford Abramson (who did not appear on the show), Town Supervisor Candidate Tasha Young (who has been advocating for those relocated) and a few others including one senior, Mrs. Lorraine Frazier who came of to backed up Commissioner Renee Robinson’s letter, as well as share her experience (no heat and broken toilet that keep backing up) and the experience of other seniors (who are without food and ended up in a nursing home) who feared retaliation and did not want to appear. See the entire special edition of PBP Radio and feel free to leave you feedback in the comment section below.

This will not just be one forum and its over, Black Westchester will be following the all this story way through until the end. Stay tuned to more of this developing story.


  • To God Be The Glory I watched the BWM’s streamlined FB show again last night. That was real emotion and desperation of a Senior Citizen’s heart wrenching accurate account of what she had to endure during the rushed evacuation of the seniors from their homes on Manhattan Avenue during the height of the Covid-19 epidemic. Mrs. Lorraine Frazier’s tearful testimony vindicated Commissioner Renee Robinson’s letter she had submitted to BWM’s Editor AJ Woodson; exposing The Greenburgh Housing Authority of Harrassment and Unethical conduct towards the Senior Citizens. Mrs. Lorraine Frazier one of the Senior Citizens who was relocated during the height of the Covid-19 epidemic, the most vulnerable population the “Seniors” It was horrific, deplorable and out right unacceptable by the community at large.
    In which the Town of Greenburgh’s Town Supervisor Paul Feiner chose to be the Judge and Jury in trying to discredit Commissioner Renee Robinson’s character and creditably along with the Greenburgh Housing Authority’s Chairman of the Board Bishop Wilbert Preston, Executive Director/CEO/Manager of Finance Raju Abrahams, State Site Commissioner Carol Stevens and a host of Attorneys.
    I applaud Black Westchester Magazine in their Due diligence in allowing a non-biased forum to be broadcasted live for everyone to see what goes on behind closed doors in the Town of Greenburgh!

  • This was an excellent show that really brought clarity to the issues. The Housing Authority has a worthy goal of upgrading housing for the seniors but moving them in the middle of the pandemic was a mistake. And there are definitely issues and problems with some of the locations that people were moved to. They should now get professional elder care social workers to monitor the wellbeing of the seniors who have been moved. Maybe the County can help with that. Mr. Feiner thinks that volunteers are the answer to every problem. That’s an inadequate response in this situation.

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