May 28, 2023

Dallas Mega Church Pastor Criticizes Jerry Jones In Open Letter Over Anthem Policy

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Dallas, TX — Rev. Dr. Frederick D. Haynes, III pastor of Friendship West Baptist Church published the letter to Jerry Jones the last week of July. The Dallas Pastor also posted the video of the pastor (see below) reading the letter during Sunday’s church service.

In the open letter, Rev. Hayes criticized the Dallas Cowboys’ owner and leadership’s controversial stance on players protesting the national anthem is gaining a lot of attention across social media.

“It’s heartbreaking that you have taken a stand on the wrong sideline of history,” Haynes tells Jones.

Haynes explained, ”Number one, Jerry Jones, I think, with his brilliance as a business person, his success as the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, America’s team, unfortunately has missed the meaning of America. I think he’s been trying to make a point but missed the point.”

The Dallas Cowboys organization went on record, recently, saying not only would players be punished if they protested or stayed in the locker room during the anthem, they could even be fired.

Haynes’ letter to jones breaks down some of the reasons behind some NFL players’ silent protests in taking a knee.

“Police violence and homicide persistently and disproportionately terrorize black communities,” Haynes mentions in the letter

The Dallas Cowboys organization says the NFL has asked Jones to avoid commenting on the controversial anthem issue as internal talks continue. However, for those players who support Jones’ decision, Haynes’ is also issuing them a challenge .

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