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Parents & Supporters Demand Answers & Civil Rights Investigation In Killing Of Ramarley Graham

Ramarey’s family deliver 1000’s of Petitions Demanding U.S. Atty General Eric Holder & Prett Bharara Open Full DOJ Investigation

While the world is watching closely what’s going on in the aftermath of the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner the latest victims of police criminality, Ramarley Graham’s parents finds themselves still seeking justice for the death of their son. Two-and-a-half-years after the death of their son, Constance Malcolm and Frank Graham, parents of the unarmed Bronx teen, shot and killed in his bathroom by a white NYPD officer, led several dozen supporters to delivered 31,000 petitions, Wednesday demanding the Department of Justice office, demanding a federal rights probe.

“My son was unarmed and murdered by a NYPD officer who busted into our home with no warrant and shot him in front of his 6-year-old brother and his grandmother,” states Constance Malcolm, the mother of Ramarley. “If that’s not a blatant violation of civil rights, then the Justice Department might as well close its civil rights division because it is allowing open season on our communities. President Obama, Attorney General Holder and Preet Bharara must decide whether they are going to uphold justice and civil rights of people of color in this country and show that our lives are valued equally by the justice system,”

The family hasn’t heard a peep from the government since it promised to review the case for civil rights violations more than a year ago. The government has stepped in the Michael Brown case in Ferguson after a little more than a week (due to mass protest and national media coverage) and U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch was scheduled to meet with the Garner Family about the July 17 death of Eric Garner who died by chokehold by a white officer, but no one from the US Attorney’s office in Manhattan has met with Ramarley’s family who was killed Feb 2012.

“We feel like we don’t count, like we don’t exist,” Frank Graham said at a news conference before the march to the DOJ. “Not a meeting, no face-to-face with anyone. I’m puzzled. I’m confused and I’m angry. My son has been dead almost 2 1/2 years and we’re still waiting for our day in court. No one with authority seems to care about our son.”



After delivering the petitions and addressing the crowd of supports Constance says they are giving the DOJ 30 days and if they don’t hear anything they will be back.



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  1. Thanks Black Westchester for not letting them bury this under the rug with newer cases getting national coverage. Keep bringing the news with a black point of view

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