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Open Letter To Those Who Come To Black Media For Help

Since I’ve seen somewhat or a pattern of people of color who have an issue that is important to them or have a fight they need help with, somehow they think you as black media are supposed to drop everything else and tell their story. I have had a few people send emails or try to reach out and share something and then respond back because they didn’t find it posted in Black Westchester or I didn’t respond to them quick enough.

One particular gentleman who claims to be a former employee of MSG that was fired for discrimination inspired the writing of this editorial. He approached BW via twitter, claims to have a story that needs to be told. He might actually have a good case, but when I tell you I have a few pieces I need to finish first and we are in the middle of some much-needed maintenance taking place on the site, give me a minute and I  will check it out. Then because I don’t drop the current stories, a few in my immediate area which are most important to the readers in Westchester County, you might not want to attack the media you are asking for help.

So for future incidents, let me share a few things you might not want to say to Black Media when you are asking them to publicize your lawsuit or whatever message or situation you want to Black Media to shed light one.

Number one and this is my favorite;  I got the White Media helping me with case. So I’m good, most Black media are full of shit anyway. They are scared.

Let’s just stop there for a minute, Sean Felder, I’m curious what went through your mind that you thought this would be the way to go to get me to help you and tell your story. Those who know me, know I was ready to go there with the first response but something said let the brother know hey you will get to it, so and so forth. But after doing that you come back and tweet:

Number Two (things you might not want to say when coming to Black Media for help; Ok we’ll see. Seen too many phony Uncle Toms who claims they down to fight racism but do nothing.

Again I try to calm the brother down, I understand to you, your situation is important to you. You need help, I get that, but coming to us like suppose to tell you story because you brought it to us. Let me just say this to everyone, we cover all the news we can, but we don’t owe anyone anything as far as what we post. Don’t come to Black Media with a sense of entitlement you would never approach the mainstream media with. JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE BLACK DOESN’T MEAN BW HAS TO WRITE ABOUT YOU OR YOUR SITUATION.

Number Three: Black man,this is America. Black  people at times is our own worst enemy,that’s a fact. The problem with this statement you are actually proving it to be true by sending this to me, when you asked for my help.

We have had a few people get mad we didn’t cover their story. Some because of time and manpower limitations, others because we could not confirm your story. We can’t just write it because you say it so, we have to look into it, talk to the other side to get a quote, do some research so when people read something in BW they know they can count on it being true. WE ARE NOT ANYONE PERSONAL WEBSITE. You have social media for that or start a blog.

Long story short, you complain mainstream media doesn’t portray us in the best light, only covers the negative aspects and events in the black community and not the positive. Well when you get a voice in the form of Black Media who is trying to help change that and make a difference, you don’t throw a public fit on social media because the black media wont tell your story. You don’t attack those who have your back or that you are coming to for help. If someone doesn’t cover your story doesn’t make them scared or an uncle tom, while I will state there is a lot of scared black media members, elected officials, and even black leaders who do not speak up, we often call them out as well. But BW is not that, so do not include us in that, check our resume. And lastly not everything is newsworthy just because you think it is.

We thank the majority of you who support us and other forms of Black Media locally and nationally, but say to the rest, support those who support you. We as a people give our money to every corporation and organization who do not respect us or the power of or dollar, but we ask or favors and want hook ups from our black businesses, mom and pop stores, black media who want to make a difference. Ok I’m and almost done with my rant, but here are a few more things you may not want to say to Black Media when you need their help, especially if that Black Media, is Black Westchester Magazine and People Before Politics Radio.

You know what I think you get the point. This was inspired by a gentleman by the name of Sean Felder, who really wanted to see his name in BW, well here you go, enjoy your fifteen minutes of fame (click on the link and tweet him so he feels good, like someone is paying attention to him, so he will stop crying).

Moral of the story is when you are coming to people for help, be respectful, be patient and understanding you are not the only email, tweet or phone call, asking for help. Now if you find that particular media source is scared, selling you out, or whatever, hey do what you do, But don’t come at BW like that, then after you disrespect us publicly on twitter, come back today and ask did we get your email (essentially asking for our help again, like it’s all good after you publicly tried to call us out.)

We do what we can, can’t be everywhere or cover everything



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