Open Letter From New Vision Team

Mount Vernon,
Tuesday night, we came up short at the ballot, but we ran an unprecedented campaign  built on strong ethics and vision. We wholeheartedly thank our families, friends and all of our supporters, we can all be very proud!

We have established ourselves as agents of change, and therefore, we have a responsibility to remain active. We cannot fall asleep and we ALL must work harder to forward the need for positive change in our community. We can no longer cheer from the sidelines for the few of us that make the sacrifice of our time, money and energy to support all of us in the community. Staying “Neutral” or “On the fence” is not an action nor an option for positive results.

We will continue to work together to make this city better. We don’t have to be politicians to do that,  we never were. We owe that to the people who supported us as well as those who did not. That’s the definition of community, and without that, we would have chaos.

Friends, “Change will come”, but only when we all pitch in, be responsive and take a stand. We must stay vigilent and abreast of the issues and make elected officials accountable to us. We will remain active and continue to educate, enlighten and empower the people to seek a NEW VISION for Mount Vernon. We are undeterred!

God bless you and God bless Mount Vernon!