May 28, 2023

Bill Clinton Slams Obama’s “Awful Legacy Of The Last Eight Years”

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Former President Bill Clinton, who many African-Americans erroneously, incorrectly and inaccurately labeled the first Black President because he played the saxophone on the Arsenio Hall Show took shots at the real First African-American president Barack Obama on Monday calling for people to get to a “point where we can put the awful legacy of the last eight years behind us.”

“If you believe we can rise together, if you believe we’ve finally come to the point where we can put the awful legacy of the last eight years behind us and the seven years before that where we were practicing trickle-down economics, then you should vote for her,” the former president said about his wife, Hillary the front-runner in the Democrat primary, during a campaign rally in Spokane, Washington.

The former president, who admitted that mass-incarceration of Black Men in the United States stems in part from policies passed under his administration, said that Hillary is “the only person who basically has good ideas, will tell you how she’s going to pay for them, can be commander-in-chief, and is a proven change maker with Republicans and Democrats and independents alike.”

Clinton praised his wife claiming that “from the time I met her 45 years ago until we talked yesterday, she is the best change maker I have ever known. She always finds a way to make something good happen, to make people feel empowered, to buy people into the process, to make democracy work the way the framers intended for it to work.”

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