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NYS Legislature Hearing “Elections in a Pandemic: A Look at the 2020 Primary”

While speakers are by invite only, the public can submit testimony. Please encourage your group’s members to email any problems they experienced during the 2020 primary by tomorrow if possible (or sometime this week) to the Election Committee Chairs

and that they tune in to the hearing, live streamed here CVOW submitted the video from the BoL’s 7/8 voter hearing and a hard copy of voter testimony submitted in writing to the BoL (referred to as “the binder” in the 7/29 Committee of the Whole hearing with the BoE). Let’s back up the claim in this Time article that Westchester (and NYC) experienced the bulk of the problems during the primary.   

Next StepsBoL Election Working Group (EWG) ReportThe EWG was to release their report 8/7 but due to Isaias storm outages, the report will be made public Tuesday and available here. CVOW organizers will review the report and issue a public response.  
Recent EventsVoting Reform Bills

On 7/22, the NYS legislature passed the following voting reform bills 

  • S.8806 (Gianaris): Implements the New York Automatic Voter Registration Act of 2020 and creates an automatic voter registration system through qualified NYS government agencies and departments.
  • S.8370B (Myrie): Gives voters notice of any absentee ballot envelope deficiencies and an opportunity to fix them to ensure their votes are counted.
  • S.8015D (Biaggi): To vote absentee, “illness” to include voters unable to appear at a poll site due to a risk of contracting or spreading a disease-causing illness to the voter or others.
  • S.8799A (Gianaris): Temporarily provides that any absentee ballot shall be presumed to be timely even if it does not bear a dated postmark if  received and time-stamped by the day after Election Day.
  • S.8783A (Myrie): Temporarily allows the processing of absentee ballot applications prior to 30 days before the election.
  • S.8796A (Stavisky): Temporarily allows certain party designations and nominations to be made via video teleconference.
  • S.8782 (Breslin): Requires that in each county, the municipality with the largest population contain at least one early voting location.
  • S.5188 (Mayer): Poll site entrances and exits are not altered, except to increase access or to maintain public safety, and any alteration is clearly marked with signage next to the former entrance or exit.

There is now a petition calling for public hearings to mount public pressure and this email account where voters can send in their primary voting experiences. Incident summaries and the sources are being compiled into a compendium for presentation to elected officials and election authorities.

Please amplify this petition and contact email to your organization’s members to enable them to voice their concerns using all the communication methods you use, e.g., email, social media, meetings, etc.

Concerned Voters of Westchester Coalition Mission:
Elections, a non-partisan issue, are the bedrock of our republic’s democracy. This diverse coalition of citizen voters and organizations are vested in accurate, fair, fully accessible, safe and secure elections. We are dedicated to ensuring that the Westchester County Board of Elections fulfills its obligation to conduct fully compliant, legal elections that provide confidence to the electorate that elections are fair, fully accessible, safe and secure. The mission of this group is to exert extraordinary pressure on, and advocate for action by all elected officials and authorities who are both vested in and responsible for accurate, fair, fully accessible, safe and secure elections in November 2020 and beyond.


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