June 6, 2023
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NYS Democratic Party Announces Endorsement Of Richard Thomas For Mt. Vernon Mayor

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partnerlogoMOUNT VERNON, NY (September 30, 2015) – Former governor and current chairman of the NYS Democratic Party David A. Paterson endorsed Richard Thomas for Mayor of Mt. Vernon, NY.

Prior to his time as City Councilman, Thomas served as regional director of government affairs during the Paterson administration.

Following a landslide victory in the Democratic Primary for Mayor of Mt. Vernon, NY, Richard Thomas, victor in the crowded democratic field for Mayor of Mt. Vernon, received a rousing endorsement by former Governor Paterson who stated the following:

“The New York State Democratic Party endorses Richard Thomas for Mayor of the City of Mt. Vernon! We call upon all Democrats within the city to support our chosen candidate for the November 3rd, 2015, general election.

“Rich served the State of New York in my administration during some of the toughest economic times. Back then he was an active advisor who engaged numerous challenges facing the lower Hudson Valley. Specific to Mt. Vernon, he played a large role in saving the Mt. Vernon Hospital and helped secure millions in grant funds for the Wartburg.

“As Mt. Vernon’s next Mayor, I am confident Richard will do even more for his home town. His example is an inspiration to young people throughout the region and the Democratic Party will benefit from youthful and energetic leaders who get involved in their communities.

“I, along with Democrats throughout New York, will work with Richard Thomas to bring the best minds in business and government together to help Mt. Vernon rise again!

“Throughout Richard’s term as Mayor, I will offer guidance and counsel to his administration, imparting key lessons learned to ensure he has a first class operation working to uplift Mt. Vernon’s poor and middle class.

“What I like about Rich most is that he listens and surrounds himself with experienced people who have passion for good government.

“I look forward to drawing upon my national network to help Richard as the next Mayor of Mt. Vernon to strengthen the local economy, bolster safety, tackle taxes, and create good quality job opportunities for all city residents.

“Mt. Vernon – it is truly time to win the future. Vote Richard Thomas for Mayor on Tuesday, November 3rd, 2015.”

Richard Thomas was endorsed by the Mt. Vernon Police Benevolent Association, Mt. Vernon Firefighters Local 107, Yonkers Firefighters Local 628, New York City Uniform Firefighters Association, Utility Workers Union of America Local 1-2, and dozens of business leaders and organizations throughout Mt. Vernon and the greater region.

Governor Paterson’s endorsement follows an endorsement by Mt. Vernon Democratic City Committee and Westchester County Democratic Party chairman Reginald Lafayette one week after primary election where he said, “To the victor go the spoils. As all good democrats, I expect you will support the Democratic nominee.”

Former Mt. Vernon Democratic Party Chairman David Ford, Sr. also endorsed Richard Thomas for Mayor of Mt. Vernon.
He stated, “I believe that Richard Thomas is right for Mayor and right for Mt. Vernon. He represents a new voice, new energy, and has a new vision with strong ties to the rich history of Mt. Vernon. Having been a mentor to Richard Thomas, I trust that he will always listen to all, learn from all, and lead for all. He will serve all of us with the goal of “One Mt. Vernon.”

Richard Thomas is a sitting Mount Vernon Councilman and holds a bachelor of economics from New York University (NYU) in which he attended on a full academic scholarship. He also attended the London School of Economics and is currently attending NYU Stern School of business where he is on track to receive his Executive MBA in Finance and Strategy.

Richard Thomas won the Democratic Primary by a landslide on September 10, 2015. The general election is on Tuesday, November 3rd, 2015.


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