NYC Elected Officials Endorse Letitia “Tish” James for Attorney General

NEW YORK — Joining the growing list of progressive leaders throughout New York City and State supporting Letitia “Tish” James’ candidacy for Attorney General, today 14 leaders on the city and state level announced their endorsements. 

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, State Senator Kevin Parker, Assemblymembers Steven Cymbrowitz, Yuh-Line Niou, Rebecca Seawright, Jo Anne Simon, Nick Perry, and Helene Weinstein, and Council Members Rafael Espinal, Stephen Levin, Bill Perkins, Keith Powers, Antonio Reynoso, Ydanis Rodriguez, and Mark Treyger endorsed Tish James for Attorney General.

“New Yorkers need an Attorney General who has the experience and the passion to protect our rights each and every day. Tish James is the fearless leader who has shown time and time again that she is unwavering in her fight to uphold our values and support our communities. I am proud to endorse Tish James to be our next Attorney General,” said Assemblymember Michael Cusick.

“From advocating for workers rights, to taking on the gun industry, Tish James has never wavered in her fight to do what’s right for all New Yorkers, regardless of the challenges. Tish is an effective, independent leader who understands how to both combat the threats to our state from the Trump Administration, while also working to protect New Yorkers from the localized threats they face on a daily basis. I am proud to support Tish James — there is no better person to serve as our next Attorney General,” said Assemblymember Steven Cymbrowitz.

“At a time when corporate greed has put profits over people, New York needs an Attorney General who will fight for the most vulnerable among us, not just those at the top. During Tish’ time as Public Advocate, she not only helped pass the first bill in the New York City Council banning salary history questions on job applications, but releases the annual ‘Worst Landlords List’ to fight for tenants’ rights. I am proud to endorse Tish James’ candidacy for Attorney General,  and look forward to her continued work bringing truth to power,” said Assemblymember Yuh-Line Niou.

“Over the past four years that I have served as the Chairman of the Black, Puerto Rican, Hispanic, and Asian Legislative Caucus in Albany, I could always count on Tish James’ support as my colleagues and I fought to balance the scales of justice in our state. Tish knows that trust and fairness in our justice system should always be more than just a promise, but a foundation of our democracy. That is why I am honored to support her as our next Attorney General,” said Assemblymember Nick Perry.

“Women across the state continue to face sexual harassment, discrimination, and objectification in every aspect of their lives. To help combat this, Tish admirably passed multiple laws in the City Council to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace, and highlighted the wage gap in several policy reports. Our next Attorney General must fight to protect women and encourage their equity, and Tish James has the record to show she will deliver,” said Assemblymember Rebecca Seawright.

“Since we have a President who openly mocks people with disabilities, it’s even more essential that New Yorkers have an Attorney General with a proven record protecting this historically underrepresented group. In 2016, Public Advocate Tish James sued the NYC Department of Education to hold it accountable for failing to track the provision of mandated special educational services to children with disabilities. Action and commitment on behalf of people with disabilities is essential at all levels of government, and I am confident Tish James will fight for New Yorkers with disabilities as Attorney General,” said Assemblymember Jo Anne Simon.

“Tish James has proven time and time again that she is already the ‘People’s Lawyer.’ From public defender, to Assistant Attorney General — from a staffer in the state legislature to the City Council and Public Advocate for New York City, Tish is a true New Yorker who has continued to demonstrate her dedication to the communities she serves, and it is my honor to endorse her for New York State Attorney General,” said Assemblywoman Helene Weinstein.

“Workers are the backbone of our economy, and for too long have been take advantage by corporations and the one percent. As Public Advocate, Tish James has been the fiercest defender of workers’ rights by spearheading the effort to pass New York City’s paid family leave law and closing the gender wage gap, by barring employers from asking about salary history. This approach by the next Attorney General is essential, and Tish James will be the staunchest defender of workers’ rights as Attorney General,” said Council Member Rafael Espinal.

“An accessible and comprehensive education is vital for the success of all of our residents. When we have a President and Department of Education Secretary who are advocating for guns in our classroom, increased charter schools, and decreased Title IX protections, it is vital to have an Attorney General who is not afraid to stand up to this disastrous Administration. Tish James has been an unwavering force for good her entire career, and will be the Trump Administration’s worst nightmare as Attorney General,” said Council Member Stephen Levin.

“As someone who has worked with Tish James for years, I know firsthand that she is the most qualified candidate to be our next Attorney General. She has been unwavering in her fight to protect immigrants, support NYCHA residents, and ensure that every child in our City has access to quality education. I know Tish will continue this fight in in the Attorney General’s office and I am honored to support her,” said Council Member Bill Perkins.

“Safe and affordable housing is a human right never to be infringed upon. When the New York City Department of Buildings and New York City Housing Authority failed to live up to their promises to the residents of our City, Public Advocate Tish James immediately stepped in and sued both of these city agencies. These swift and forceful actions exemplify Tish’s commitment to protecting our residents, and show a glimpse of the immense good she will do as our next Attorney General,” said Council Member Keith Powers.

“I have always known Tish James as the people’s lawyer — a hard working and unwavering public servant who has been committed to her district and later our City. Tish has a strong and successful record as a fearless advocate on behalf of New Yorkers who are facing injustices and inequalities. From my days as an ACORN organizer, I distinctly remember her stance on reforms, and I admired that. She always took a progressive stance even if it was unpopular. Tish has always been about the people and has stayed true to her principles. It is because of Tish’s integrity and work ethic that so many of us already believe in her bold future. We know she’s got our back. I am proud to endorse Tish James for Attorney General for New York,” said Council Member Antonio Reynoso.

“When we come together because of our differences instead of divide, the success of our City and our State knows no bounds. Public Advocate Tish James has always fought to protect immigrants and multiculturalism, and will never stand down to this bigoted Administration. There is only one people’s lawyer in this election, and that is the next Attorney General Tish James,” said Council Member Ydanis Rodriguez.

“I am proud to support Tish James as our next Attorney General – one of the toughest, bravest, and most courageous progressive leaders of our time. From standing up for children who have been shortchanged by our education system, to NYCHA residents who have been neglected for too long, Tish has always stood up for the rights of our most vulnerable communities. As our next Attorney General, I know she will only continue this work to protect all New Yorkers,” said Council Member Mark Treyger.

“I am honored to have the support of these dynamic leaders as we continue to push toward a fairer and stronger New York. As Attorney General, I will use the powers of the law to ensure that the rights of every New Yorker are protected and advanced. I look forward to partnering with these leaders to move New York forward,” said Attorney General Candidate Letitia “Tish” James.

The following is a list of labor unions and Democratic clubs who have previously endorsed Tish James for Attorney General:

Labor Unions:
●     New York State AFL-CIO (2.5 million workers in New York State)
●     1199SEIU (420,000 workers nationwide)
●     32BJ SEIU (85,000 workers in New York State)
●     Building and Construction Trades Council of Greater NY (100,000 workers in New York City)
●     CSA (6,000 workers in New York City)
●     CWA District One (80,000 workers in New York State)
●     CWA Local 1180 (8,600 workers in New York State and 6,200 retirees)
●     DC 37 (125,000 members in New York State)
●     LiUNA-NY (40,000 workers in New York State)
●     NYSNA (42,000 workers in New York State)
●     NYSUT (600,000 members in New York State)
●     New York City and Vicinity District Council of Carpenters (22,000 workers in New York City)
●     New York State Iron Workers District Council (10,000 workers in New York State)
●     RWDSU (45,000 workers in New York State and 100,000 workers nationwide)
●     TWU Local 100 (41,000 workers in New York City)
●     UAW Region 9 (tens of thousands of workers in New York State)
●     UFCW Local 2013 (16,000 workers in New York City)
●     Unite Here Local 100 (17,000 workers in New York State)

Political Clubs:
●     38th Assembly District Regular Democratic Club Part A
●     Anoroc Democratic Club
●     Ansonia Independent Democrats
●     Barack Obama Democratic Club
●     Bay Ridge Democrats
●     Ben Franklin Reform Democratic Club
●     Black Democrats of Westchester County
●     Brooklyn Young Democrats
●     Community Free Democrats
●     Douglas King Regular Democratic Club
●     Downtown Independent Democrats
●     Eleanor Roosevelt Democratic Club
●     Elmer H. Blackburne Regular Democratic Club
●     Fred Wilson Democratic Club
●     Frederick E. Samuel Community Democratic Club
●     Gay & Lesbian Independent Democrats (GLID)
●     Geraldine A. Ferraro Democratic Club
●     Good Government Regular Democratic Club
●     Grand Street Democrats
●     Guy R. Brewer Democratic Club
●     Hell’s Kitchen Democratic Club
●     Independent Neighborhood Democrats
●     Jefferson Democratic Club
●     Jim Owles Liberal Democratic Club
●     Kissena Democratic Club
●     Lambda Independent Democrats of Brooklyn
●     Lesbian and Gay Democratic Club of Queens (LGDCQ)
●     Lexington Democratic Club
●     Martin Luther King, Jr. Democratic Club
●     Moynihan Democratic Club
●     Multicultural Democratic Club of Flushing
●     New Visions Democratic Club
●     Nuevo Caribe Democratic Club
●     Powhatan and Pocahontas Democratic Club
●     Samuel J. Tilden Democratic Club
●     Sojourner Truth Democratic Club
●     Stonewall Democratic Club of New York City
●     Taminent Regular Democratic Club
●     Tenants PAC
●     Thurgood Marshall Regular Democratic Club
●     Tioga Democratic Club
●     United for Progress Democratic Club
●     United Democratic Club
●     United Democratic Organization
●     Uptown Democratic Club
●     Village Independent Democrats (VID)

As Public Advocate, Tish serves as a watchdog over New York City government agencies and as an advocate and lawyer for the City’s most overlooked communities. She has transformed the Public Advocate’s Office to be a formidable engine for progressive policies and has passed more legislation than all previous Public Advocates combined.