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Letter To The Editor: This Is Not The Rich Show. Mt. Vernon Belongs To The People.

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Say It Ain’t So

I just read a post on AJ Woodson‘s Facebook page (AJ was tagged). The post asked why taxpayers have to pay for bullet proof windows and new furniture for Joe Spiezo? Now, I don’t want to comment on this without factual information. We must first ascertain that this is true and not just a rumor intended to cause conflict. It would seem to me that if what is being inferred is true, this would be an extravagance that the poor people in Mount Vernon cannot afford. However, common sense tells me that something like this would need to have the approval of the Comptroller, Maureen Walker. I don’t think Richard Thomas can make this decision without her approval and also the approval of City Council and or The Board of Estimates.

I don’t need to remind anyone that Mount Vernon is the poorest community in Westchester. It is also the “blackest” in terms of race. Previous administrations have sold out the city. They have relocated the undesirable blacks from other affluent towns and cities to Mount Vernon in exchange for their own personal gains. Mount Vernon is a liability to all taxpayers in that it offers no jobs for most of us and it has the highest unemployment population in Westchester. I think that it is also the largest recipient of welfare and other social services. The taxes we pay are in no way equal to the services we receive.

The corrupt politicians keep stacking the city with low income houses to bring in more and more indigent and section 8 beneficiaries. But, they make no effort to provide permanent or long term employment for them. Now, Richard has been living here all of his life. He said he understands the problem and he vows to change things. If what this lady is saying is true in her post, then Richard would be changing things for the worse. Neither Clinton Young, whom I thought was the most extravagant waster of taxpayers money, nor Ernie Davis, who was convicted for failure to pay his taxes would have done anything like this.

However, as I said, I will await confirmation of this information before I put pen to paper to wake up the dead in Mount Vernon!

PS. The taxpayers are indeed paying for it. Now, I understand the budget lines. I don’t know how much is allocated for furniture, but I rather see new furniture for police officers than some individual that does not pay taxes here, but due to political patronage is treated like some sort of royalty. In the first place I don’t know what would qualify Spiezo to be Mayor or Commissioner of Police. What law enforcement background he has? Why weren’t you considered or Tony Anthony Olskool Mitchell who injured himself fighting crimes here in Mount Vernon? I take issue with this appointment and moreover to use taxpayer money to enhance his glory. Then these people want to tell us about slave masters when they bring in the slave masters to keep the people in Mount Vernon slaves. The other foreign guy that Ernie appointed had no law enforcement experience either, but at least I am told he had no salary. I am certain he had other powerful benefits. But, Ernie did not buy him new furniture to my knowledge. This is unacceptable. It appears that the city is for sale. Listen, I am ready to sell my damn house and move to hell out because with these parasites Mount Vernon will end up like Detroit. I bet $100.00

-Helena R. Edwards

[Editor’s Note: The aforementioned Facebook comment, was a comment I was tagged in and appeared on my page, it in no way represents anything said or written by me as Editor-In-Chief of BW and I can not confirm or deny the claim of the request for bulletproof windows, but will reach out to our new Mayor to allow him to speak to the topic at hand. Lastly we encourage our readers to chime in on how they feel, so before attacking BW, we also encourage Mayor Thomas to share a statement for us to run, if he so desires. – AJ Woodson]

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irwin January 16, 2016 at 8:13 AM

their is no transparency in City Hall. You think Richard Thomas was not bought. He was allowed to raise three times the amount of money as the other candidates, however the whole political system is so corrupt that that is the order of the day. i suppose he will use the city coffers to repay all those who contributed his campaign. that will be excessive. i have a personal with him and his administration. Richard Thomas and the rest of these clowns will ultimately destroy the town and hopefully someone with some integrity and some skill set can come in and bring it back to what it was. the people are just degenerates. Richard Thomas keep talking about we need more fire fighters. Well if your brother was not running guns maybe the problem wouldn’t be so bad.

Helena January 11, 2016 at 11:48 AM

I suppose Mr. Mason would like to prescribe my medication so that I would stop being a “wack job.” I wonder what illness he suffers from?

Mason Smith January 9, 2016 at 6:39 PM

Website went from pro-rich to anti-rich with the quikness… what happened AJ? You continue to post shit letters to editor from whack jobs like Helena Edwards who says she won’t comment without facts then proceeds to write an entire letter about it. What crock of shit. Do better

BW Editor-In-Chief AJ Woodson January 10, 2016 at 12:32 AM

As always we reply back to those who leave comments to interact with them as with most we get messages back like, Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently: Grateful1359@aol.com
Another fake email address, either way if you are reading this Mason, here is our reply…

Thank you for checking out BW Mason
I will try to explain this one last time, I encourage readers to write letters to the editor (which are editorial/ op-ed/) in other words people’s opinions, not news.
Now instead of complaining if you would like to right a letter supporting the new mayor, that is your prerogative, send it and it will be posted as well, as it will be composed of your opinion which you are entitled to (we encourage Rich or his camp to respond and do just that at the end, if you noticed). And secondly BW was never pro Rich, it just that Andre Wallace and Richard Thomas were the two candidates who invited BW to cover all their event, press conferences and fundraisers and other candidates did not, so they received more press than the others, during the campaign (if candidates don not we invite you or do not want us there, hey I can’t cover their events, fundraisers etc). We are also not anti-Rich now. We wrote about the former Mayor (the good the bad and the ugly) and will continue to do so with the new mayor (is your problem that holding Rich accountable like Davis does not meet your approval. It’s interesting you didn’t have the same response when Helena wrote the last letter about Davis. No on the other hand if you have something to say to Helena, then do that and she will respond for herself. Once again we thank you for reading BW and just like we approved your comment, with your opinion, we will share others opinions as well! Be Blessed bruh.


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