New York Black Law Enforcement Organizations Demands Executive Order from NYS Governor Cuomo on Police Crimes

As Black people, we appreciate the Governor’s heartfelt statements on the historical unjust killings of Black People in the state of New York and throughout the country. 

As Black Law Enforcement Professionals, we know first hand that this problem is systemic; we also have been shot, shot at, or killed by our white counterparts without any accountability.

It is time for our state elected officials to put the pen where their mouths are and legislate laws and legislations that makes these egregious actions of so-called Trained Professional Law Enforcement Officers a crime.

New York State has failed to respect the right to life by failing to ensure that state legislation meets international human rights laws and standards on the use of lethal force by Law Enforcement Officers.   

If our New York State Assembly and Senate are incapable or unwilling to sponsor and pass state laws on police criminality, it is up to Governor Cuomo to sign an Executive Order. 

If an officer certified by the state and is a trained professional, intentionally or unintentionally violates policies, procedures, and training that results in severe injury or death, it should be a crime in the State of New York.

As Black people and as Law Enforcement, we are tired of being sick and tired being first-hand witnesses to the unjust killings of our people. We are tired of seeing our politicians, Black and White cowing down to police unions that defend racist killer cops. 

Black people do not need emotional back rubs from political podiums from those who legislate and create our laws. Black people need action; they need policies and laws that will protect them and hold those who violate policies procedure and training accountable to criminal charges. Its time to act now, we cannot wait any longer.  

Damon K. Jones
New York Representative  
Blacks in Law Enforcement of America 

Charles Billups 
Grand Council of Guardians

Terri Mcgee 
National President
National Association of Blacks in Criminal Justice 

Sonia Y.W. Pruitt 
National Chairwoman 
National Black Police Association

Brooke Jones 
Westchester Correction Association

Marsha Lee-Watson 
Guardians Association of New York Corrections and Law Enforcement Officers, Inc.