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New Mount Vernon Council Members & President Will Be Installed at January 3rd Statutory Meeting

Could this be a watershed moment -a turning point, the exact moment that changes the direction of Mount Vernon politics? Residents will be watching with much anticipation and expetation

Mount Vernon Forward team, Danielle Brown, Cathlin Gleason and Ed Poteat with Campaign Manager Joseph Fordyce Jr,. (left) [Black Westchester]

Every year the City of Mount Vernon holds its annual statutory meeting, but with the current state of Mount Vernon there may be none more important this one, that will be held on the third day of January 2022. We have a new slate of Council Members, Danielle Browne, Edward Poteat and Cathlin Gleason who ran under the aptly named slate Mount Vernon Forward will be officially installed and current Councilman Derrick Thompson will be installed at the 2022 Council President. This meeting in addition to the Inauguration and Oath of Office for the Honorable Dr. Darren M. Morton as the new Comptroller for the City of Mount Vernon, two days earlier, mark what may come to be remembered as a watershed moment -a turning point, the exact moment that changes the direction of Mount Vernon politics.

With the long-standing Civil War in City Hall over the past few administrations, voters spoke overwhelming for change and cleaned house in City Hall on election day. Your voices have been heard, now begins a new day. Watch your candidates swear-in at this year’s statutory meeting. Due to COVID protocols this year it will be a virtual only event. You can view the virtual event at or

We have heard their campaign promises and platforms, we have heard extensively what the problems are and what has gone wrong for so long. We have heard the finger-pointing, name calling and passing of the buck, now residents want results. Black Westchester has reached out to invite the new look City Council to discuss the future of Mount Vernon, plans for the city as just how they will move Mount Vernon Forward – pun intended!

People Before Politics Radio returns next Sunday, January 9th with Episode 325 – The Future of Mount Vernon with Mount Vernon Mayor Shawyn Patterson-Howard at 6pm and the newly sworn in Council members Danielle Browne, Edward Poteat and Cathlin Gleason at 6:30pm and new Council President will join us a little later in our first show of 2022.

Black Westchester presents the People Before Politics Radio Show every Sunday night 6-8PM streaming live of Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube, giving you Real Talk For The Community since 2014!


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