June 10, 2023
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New Gate Up At Memorial Field After BW Story With Councilman Wallace

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Mount Vernon — After the exclusive BW Memorial Field update with newly elected Councilman André Wallace, that exposed the fact that stadium was unsecured, a gate was put in place to secure the entrance of field, Friday afternoon. Once the BW story went online, many Mount Vernon residents shared their outrage on social media that the stadium was left unsecured.

Councilman André Wallace visited Memorial Field, Thursday to assess the damages from the illegal dumping and examine what is needed to complete the renovations of the stadium. In his findings which included digging up everything from car parts including full cars tires with rims, mattresses, shoes, sandals and bricks, Wallace also shared with BW that the long closed stadium was unsecured and there wasn’t even a gate in place to prevent anyone from entering anytime they wanted.


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