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The Need for Federal Monitors in Westchester Elections #ALLVOTESMATTER

We Can't Trust the Political Process in Westchester County

Competition is healthy and choice is good. No one has all the answers or even a patent on the best questions. But when even good men and women conspire not to compete, but agree in secret to limit the choices of others, they limit the freedom of others, and they weaken us all. And with any secret exercise of power comes the temptation to abuse it. When that temptation is reinforced with the opportunity to profit personally from the exercise of that power, our institutions of government become unworthy of our trust.

Our newspapers have shown us, with facts that cannot be denied, what some of us already suspected: that the Westchester’s political party leaders – the bosses – who control our Board of Elections, profit from those positions of trust. This year’s elections in Mount Vernon are not immune to corruption by the very institution – the Board of Elections – which is supposed to ensure fair elections and a transparent process.

We distrust the Board of Elections when:

  • The Republican Commissioner of Elections moonlights as a campaign consultant;
  • The Democratic Commissioner of Elections openly mocks the primary process by trying to bully legitimate candidates out of participating in primaries; maintains his personal lifestyle with money from candidates’ “contributions”; and has, allegedly, solicited bribes to secure party endorsements and permit candidates to appear on the ballot;
  • Full-time senior employees of the Board of Elections, directly responsible for the technical mechanisms of the election, do not even blush at receiving tens of thousands of dollars in payments from candidates in pending elections.
  • Board personnel arrange that official notices from the Board will not be timely received by candidates.
  • Board personnel refuse to deliver absentee ballots to duly designated agents of legitimate absentee voters.
  • There is every reason for concern that the Board of Elections itself has become part of a criminal enterprise, and the Westchester District Attorney, herself one of those who makes generous contributions to the Commissioner’s lifestyle fund, cannot be depended upon to act diligently or impartially in investigating that Board.

The citizens of Mount Vernon, and of Westchester, have a right to honest elections, honestly administered. We urgently call upon the United States Department of Justice to dispatch monitors for the Primary and General Elections in Mount Vernon this year, and for the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York to investigate the Westchester County Board of Elections.

Listen to Reggie Lafayette admit to fraud in the signature petitions and refuse to inform the authorities.

Unfortunately, we the people speak truth to power they are always dismissed. Please watch the actions of Reggie Lafayette, the Westchester Democratic Chairman, Westchester Board of Elections Commissioner, and the Mount Vernon City Chairman. Reported by News 12


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