June 10, 2023
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Message to Mayor Richard Thomas ALL Mt. Vernon Lives Should Matter from Nazarene Duncan

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To Mayor Thomas, Commissioner Fatigate, Major Case Unit Supervisor & Personnel and the Westchester Co. DA’s Office, this is Nazarene Duncan mother of Wilbert Francis Jr. who was Brutally Slain on June 11th 2016.

I have diligently reached out to you all in reference to my son’s murder. I have FULLY cooperated with you and hoping you will apprehend my son’s killer and All involved.

I call and leave voice mails without return calls, and when I do receive a callback it is to stroke my ego and tell me anything, which is not warranted nor needed. I called several times in the past weeks once again to be hit with more voicemails and “I’m in a meeting” text from some” all due respect to the ones that even replied, with no change in updates or progress since the day of the killing meanwhile that vicious killer is roaming the streets able to Destroy other families.

I fully understand that the City and County has other issues that needs to be addressed. However All the Families of the Slain in this City matter as to we All feel the same Pain. Solving cases should not be judged by the Slain person’s character for they are human beings loved by someone.

I WILL NOT let my son’s death be swept under the rug hoping I will disappear. To this date I have not received an update from the Major Case Squad (whom, I asked for when I was out fighting for other parents of slain family members resulting in my own home being shot at).

I’m depressed and perplexed beginning to feel like my son’s death is not a priority to your departments, all murders, shootings and any forms of criminal activity should be a priority.

Several months ago I notified you all of a car with that was following me leaving me to feel like my life is in danger.

I believed it should have been documented for my safety.

My last option is to notify Every and All sources and the media and speak out and seek help because I would like a closure to my son’s death, so I can begin to heal.

Thank you, Nazarene (Justice For Junior)
All Lives Matter we all love our children.

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