May 28, 2023
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Newark AntiViolence Coalition Condemns Islamaphobia & Stands In Unity With Muslim Community Over Hijaab Incident

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Although best known for our ongoing, bold and historic stand against gun violence, from Newark to Chibok, the Newark AntiViolence Coalition also stands just as firmly against Domestic Violence, Violence Against Women, Girls and Children, and all actions of abuse.
On Tuesday, December 20th, the people of Newark stood united with the Muslim community and with supporting clergy of other faiths as they learned of an incident where a Muslim female employee at 990 Broad Street was violently accosted at work by a white male employee who tore off her ‘hijaab,’ her Islamic headdress, from her head likening her to an “elf” of all things, Monday, December 5th.
The Coalition credits the city and state management at that facility, their swiftness in identifying the perpetrator who was immediately arrested and banned for his actions.
“Several weeks prior, a female member of our organization was also accosted by a demented person on the street in a similar fashion. Again to the city’s credit, the perpetrator was quickly identified and taken off the streets and into custody,” Zayid Muhammad, Media Advocate, Newark AntiViolence Coalition tells Black Westchester Magazine.
“We are angrily appalled at the rise of Islamaphobic hate crimes in this country as a part of the polarizing racist, Anti-Immigrant and Anti-Islamic political and social climate recently and recklessly further encouraged in the recent national presidential campaign and election.”
“We are gratified that our local leadership has responded quickly and firmly in the wake of these actions. We insist that the immediate responsiveness of our leadership in the city to these hateful deeds are exemplary. The quick, firm and decisiveness of official responses to these incidents can and should be modeled and emulated by proper leadership all over the country whenever such incidents take place.”
“We also join in with the call of local Muslim leadership and Mayor Ras Baraka for the Justice Department to come in prosecute this act as a hate crime building on the swift responsiveness of local leadership sealing the proper message and example for those wrongly and violently moved to such abuse.”
“We say not on our watch! Not in our town!” Zayid Muhammad added. 
Newark Mayor Ras J. Baraka Says Assault On Newark Muslim Employee Was A Hate Crime and calls for the perpetrator to be fired by the state.

“On December 5th, a Black female Muslim Newark municipal employee was ridiculed and assaulted by a white male New Jersey State employee at the Newark One Stop Center at 990 Broad Street. Her hijab was grabbed off her head and thrown to the floor. This was an act of hate against the Islamic faith, as well as an attack on her as a woman. The Newark Police Department quickly and rightly arrested the male employee, and he was banned from returning to the One Stop Center.

“The perpetrator should have been terminated from state employment immediately in addition to being banned from the site. He should have been charged by the County Prosecutor’s Office for a hate crime.

“In the present climate of violence against Muslims across America and around the world, hate crimes must be recognized for what they are and they must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. The climate of anti-Muslim violence that has exploded in recent weeks is leaving tragedy, pain, and division in its wake. I am joining Newark’s Muslim and the entire caring community in calling for United States Attorney Paul Fishman to investigate the incident and to charge the perpetrator with a hate crime. It is imperative that the Department of Justice stand with the people of Newark and make it clear that hate crimes will be met with swift and certain prosecution. All of Newark’s residents must know that they are safe at all times, regardless of their religion, color, gender, or class.”

NOI Minister Abdul Haqq Muhammad also makes unity statement over Hijaab Incident in Newark

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful…

On Monday, December 5th, a black Muslim female employee, who works at 990 Broad Street was mocked and assaulted by a Caucasian male employee of the State for no other reason other than her daring to adhere to the principles of her Islamic faith.

Principles of modesty and decency requires that she covers herself with a traditional Islamic headpiece known as a Hijaab or Khimar.

According to the victim, her Hijaab was snatched from her head and thrown to the floor.
The Muslim community, comprised of various masjids, organizations and businesses, would like to thank city and state officials for their swift response in locating the perpetrator, arresting him and banning him from returning to 990 Broad Street.

We are calling for the immediate termination of employment of this individual from the state.

We are also calling for Mr. Paul Fishman, US Attorney for the District of NJ, to prosecute the perpetrator of this vicious act and charge him with a hate crime.

A clear message must be sent to those who think that they can carry out such acts that there will be swift and severe consequences. Also for those who are employed and serve at 990 Broad Street, they must feel safe and free from harm regardless of their gender, religion, color or class.

Inspite of the growing Anti-Islamic sentiment that can be heard and seen throughout America, Muslim Lives Matter.

As Muslims, we believe in justice, equal justice under the law. We want justice applied equally to all regardless of creed, class or color. We believe in justice for all whether in God or not. We believe as others that are due equal justice as human beings.

We respect the laws which govern this nation. However, as Muslims, we believe our women should be respected and protected as the women of other nationalities are respected and protected. The Holy Quran, which is the book of guidance for the Muslims, says that men are the maintainers of women. The Holy Quran further states that as Muslims, we are to obey those in authority over us as long as it does not conflict with our religion, but anything or anyone who brings harm to our communities, our women, our children, or our property, we cannot obey. We are peaceful, and while the Holy Quran forbids the Muslim to never be the aggressor, we are commanded (in the name of God) to fight with those who fight with us.

AsSalaam Alaikum…
Abdul Haqq Muhammad
Nation Of Islam Minister for Mosque No. 25, Newark

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