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The Need For National Action Against Police Brutality!

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In the wake of the nationwide Ferguson protest after the grand jury failed to indict Officer Darren Wilson for shooting and killing unarmed Ferguson teen Mike Brown, People Rights Activist and CEO of The Demand for National Action Against Police Brutality and Murder, Danette Chavis. releases a statement exclusively to Black Westchester:

The word has indeed spread far and wide concerning National Action Against Police Brutality and it is not something that came by easily. The toil and effort put forth to get it “out there” where people can actually know of and demand it, was a work in progress over “several months” at a time when people could hardly conceive it. Today, Several organizations and activists are demanding it and have made that demand known at the “highest levels” in government.

My concern is for the people directly affected whose voices have yet to be heard. And while Ferguson has been a catalyst in getting the attention of the President, Vice President, and the Department of Justice, that attention must be followed by action so as not to fall in the place of “photo ops” needed out of necessity. I implore all across America to consider the demand for national action as the catalyst needed to bring about change. And if the president ran on a campaign of “change” he should have no problem in instituting those mechanisms needed to actually do it. The presidency of Obama itself was one that no one could conceive. It was achieved despite what people believed could be possible, at a time of great dysfunction economically and other wise. Yet, the people rose to the occasion and the impossible became possible and he ascended the presidency of the United States and the entire world applauded.

There yet remains an “act upon the stage” of government that needs to be performed. My advice to the president is this, “You’ve read the script and said the lines succinctly, you’ve paused, proceeded and halted right on cue. The audition was impeccable “flawless” by all accounts, and now that you’ve gotten the role the people expect for you to act. There is no time in the history of America in which a President received “world-wide approval” before he had committed one-act as president. If succeeding the office of Presidency resulted in world-wide celebration what is the hope – if not that change would occur to benefit all? Mr. President, the camera’s are rolling, the stage has been set and the people want action. The question remains, will you perform or continuing “acting?”

For more information or to support Danette Chavis’ movement click on the link and sign the petition for

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