MVPD Response to State of the City By PBA President Nicholas Mastrogiorgio

Screenshot of Mayor Shawyn Patterson-Howard at 2022 State of The City, Tuesday, May 3, 2022

If only the Mayor would give an honest assessment of the state of the MVPD

She [Mount Vernon Mayor Shawyn Patterson-Howard] says new equipment has been purchased, well maybe one day she’ll tell us where they’re hiding it because we’re still driving dilapidated cars, we still don’t have tasers, we still don’t have enough vehicles, we still don’t have enough body cams, we have Nothing!

She talks about all the new hires, well there wouldn’t need to be that many new hires if the mayor actually paid the people that were here so people wouldn’t leave.

Schools are less safe since Mayor SPH has taken over because we have no more SRO [School Resource Officer] program. No more cops in schools to settle disputes and to stop serious crimes from happening. Why? Because we don’t have enough COPS!

The Mayor appoints a Police Commissioner that doesn’t stand by his police officers, that acts in a vindictive manner towards the police Union, and that has been the catalyst of the largest Exodus of police officers in Mount Vernon history.

But the Mayor doesn’t want to talk to the PBA to fix problems, she doesn’t want to give us a contract, she doesn’t acknowledge the fact that the morale at the MVPD is the lowest it has ever been.

When questioned about these issues at a PBA meeting, she shrugged her shoulders as If there is nothing she can do about it.

She always says she’d rather tell a hard truth than a soft lie, well today I have no words for the way she described the state of the MVPD. There was nothing soft about this lie.

Public safety is being politicized, the Mayor is putting citizens at risk by employing an under equipped, underpaid, under experienced, and understaffed police department and she does nothing to try to fix it.

She could stand at a podium at a church and spew her nonsense about how good things are in this city but those of us here in the trenches know that the MVPD is lucky to be able to put out a full complement of police officers and vehicles on any given day.

Maybe she should give an honest State of the City in her next speech.

  • The mayors state of the city was an empty bag of nothing, one only has to drive around the city to see that her words don’t match what she is spewing. The city is filthy, there still isn’t one thing positive for our young people, and a few weeks ago there was a positive event and look at what happened in broad daylight, drive around and look inside city parks, nothing going on, empty!! Not any new commerce or commercial development, oh I’m sorry, there is one a Marijuana store on 4th Ave and 3rd Street, brilliant idea. As for the PD, this mayor doesn’t like the police and it shows but I won’t put down what I really want because it will serve no purpose because the Mayor has no use for me as I tell the truth and I will keep the other to myself. But at the end of the day the people need to wake up and elect the right person for the job not the best smooth talker.

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