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MVPD Million Dollar Man, Michael Marcucilli Illegally Evicts Kela Tennis

Mount Vernon Police Department Million Dollar Man, Lt. Michael Marcucilli and others MVPD officers illegally evicted the owners of the Kela Tennis Center June 7, 2018 [Black Westchester]

Mount Vernon — Mount Vernon Police Department Million Dollar Man, Lt. Michael Marcucilli and at least 6 others MVPD officers illegally evicted Kela and Lee, the owners of the Kela Tennis Center at Memorial Field.

The officers performed an eviction claiming the legal department and Building Department deemed the site Dangerous & Unsafe. If the site was dangerous and unsafe that would be due to the Memorial Mistake and Million Dollar Mess of the Thomas Administration. The actions of non city employees who came in like thieves in the night after midnight early Saturday morning and demolished the tennis bubble causing at least a million dollars.

The reason Mayor Richard Thomas gave at a press conference was Kela Tennis was behind in their lease payments. The only problem with that is even the Mayor, The CEO of the city as he has often referred to himself, can not evict a business owner because he wants to without due process. The Mayor and city of Mount Vernon never took owners of Kela Tennis to court to evict them. Even if they had, it would be the Sheriff’s Department, not non city employees, non law enforcement personal to do it, not outside contractors who demolished and damaged the bubble that covers the tennis courts.

Like we said about OK Freddy’s Meat Market and Mega Beverage in May and June of 2016, there has to be a process. We have laws in place to protect business and homeowners from being put out without due process. The most egregious thing is they used the members of the MVPD including the Million Dollar Man, Michael Marcucilli, who has cost the city of Mount Vernon almost a million dollars for multiple cases of excessive force to forcibly remove the owners from their business, without warning or due process.

When Kela asked the officers to see some prove, some papers that say he has to leave, Marcucilli responded with his hand on his gun;

“You’re not seeing nothing, you have to go!”

After the destruction of the tennis bubble – over a million dollars worth of damages – Kela asked BW; “Who do you turn to when the police department are the very ones protecting the individuals who are violating your rights?”

Former Mayor Ernie Davis had a similar sentiment when he visited Memorial Field to support Kela early Wednesday, stating when that happens, you have a “Lawless City.”

Marcucilli, who has a reputation for talking down and mistreating minorities including alleged retaliation against African-American officers  – as evident by the several lawsuits settlements, the city of Mount Vernon has paid out – was disrespectful in the while conducting illegal eviction at the orders of the Thomas Administration. Despite costing the city over a million dollars for multiple cases of excessive force, the Thomas Administration promoted him to the position of Lieutenant. Just one more example of the mismanagement of the MVPD with the head of a sanitation company, who was a huge campaign donor of Mayor Thomas, appointed to the position of Deputy Police Commissioner.

The Thomas Administration, who just lost their case against Councilman Andre Wallace’s company, Creative Direction Construction & Design has just costs the residents of Mount Vernon another lawsuit to pay for with the Million Dollar Man in the mix.

Once again we have calls for a higher authority to come to Mount Vernon and clean up City Hall and the MVPD! The Saga Continues!

Mount Vernon just created a Civilian Complaint Review Board (CCRB), for people to go to when they feel mistreated in any way by the police, like the behavior of Marcucilli, Mount Vernon’s Million Dollar Man! This may be a case for the CCRB.

Stay tuned to Black Westchester for more on this developing story.


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