June 10, 2023
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MVPD Investigate Fatal Shooting Near Hutchinson Field

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Mount Vernon – A Mount Vernon Police Department spokesperson informed BW that they are investigating the death of Orville Bell. Bell, 27, was gunned down Sunday night at the intersection of Sargent Place and South Columbus Avenue in Mount Vernon.

Police were at the scene Monday, gathering evidence and looking at surveillance video. Dotty Anderson a spokesperson for the MVPD and the Mayor’s office stated it is not yet clear what led to the homicide of Bell who was shot multiple times to his head and body. or if anyone else was injured.

Anderson also informed BW that two others were assaulted, but could not confirm if they had been attacks by others or in a fight with each other. One was taken to a hospital in the Bronx and the other to Montefiore Mount Vernon Hospital. Both are said to have non-life threatening injuries.

Different interpretations of the Charter, AGAIN!

The Mount Vernon City Council has scheduled a press conference a Press Conference, Tuesday afternoon July 18th at 3pm in the City Hall Rotunda to address Public Safety concerns regarding 2 recent rentals of City venues, Memorial Stadium and Hutchinson Field held over the weekend. Neither rental had City Council approval. The Council will discuss the memo by Corporation Counsel that contradicts decades of policy regarding Special events at these 2 locations.

A spokesperson for the Mayor informs the City Parks in Mt. Vernon requests for permits goes through the Recreation Department and do not require City Council approval. We are told the permit was applied for in May and went through the regular channel and it was not signed for on Friday as we originally reported.

There also still appears to be a discrepancy about police presence. MVPD spokesperson told us there was an adequate police presence but many party goers and one MVPD source said there was not an adequate presence. The MVPD source said he MVPD did not even know about the event in advance.

The Mayor’s office promises to issue a statement once they have gathered all the details.

Stay tuned to BW for more on this developing story

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