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ABUSE OF POWER – MVPD Cover-Up A Hit & Run By Deputy Police Commissioner Spiezio’s R&S Carting?

Continued Questions of Conflict of Interest & Illegal Activity As Deputy Police Commish

If you are involved in a car accident in New York, the law requires you to stop your vehicle and share your insurance information with the other driver involved in the collision before you can leave the scene. If you leave the scene of the incident (i.e. “hit and run”), you could face very serious consequences. If you are convicted of leaving the scene (depending on the circumstances), you can be fined up to $250, put behind bars for 15 days, and 3 points will be added onto your driving record! That is if you are a regular citizen. What if the vehicle involved belongs to a company owned by the Deputy Police Commissioner? What if you reported it to the police department and nothing is done? What do you do then? One Mount Vernon resident has experienced this exact dilemma on December 9th and with nowhere else to turn, called Councilman André Wallace for help, who has promised to launch an investigation into this matter. Now he tells his story exclusively to Black Westchester Magazine.

Mount Vernon – A Mount Vernon couple went to the 24 hour He Laundromat located at 174 W 1st St, 6am, Friday, December 9th, parked near the back entrance of the establishment to bring the clothes inside. While bringing the clothes inside a R&S Waste Removal truck pushes the couple’s parked 2016 Ford Explorer approximately 150 feet and then pulls off (remaining in sight of the camera), like nothing happened. Then the same truck returns to the parking lot to pick up the trash, like they just got there (see video below).

“Since it’s so early in the morning and no one is there, I like to park next to the entrance, bring my clothes in and then my wife drops me off at the subway,” Mr. Brown tells BW. “I brought the clothes in and as I was getting ready to come out to move the vehicle to go to work, I saw that my vehicle was moved.”

The owner of the vehicle, Walter Brown came out and finds his SUV moved, not sure what happened, sees the garbage truck pull in the lot and asks the driver about hitting his vehicle. The driver tells Mr. Brown it was another truck that picks up cardboard that just left that must have been the one that hit his vehicle. Mr Brown then calls the police and the R&S driver gets the garbage, goes inside to use the bathroom and refuses to stay until the police come, again claiming he had nothing to do with the incident and he had a schedule to keep.

“When I came out a saw the garbage truck at the top of the hill, at the exit of the parking lot, I threw my hands up and then hit the panic button on the truck to draw attention to the fact something was going on,” Mr. Brown continues to recap the incident for Black Westchester Magazine. “That’s when he proceeded to back up, so I ask the driver, ‘Why did he hit my truck?’ He said he did not hit my truck. He said it was a cardboard garbage truck [the trucks that pick up cardboard only] and they hit my truck. I didn’t stress the driver since I didn’t actually see it and hadn’t seen the video yet, so I just called 911 to get a report filled out on the incident. I asked him to stay and he said. ‘I’m just going to get the dumpster and leave, I didn’t have anything to do with it.'”

MVPD Officer Cherry arrives at the scene and takes a statement and tells Mr. Brown, ‘there’s not much I can do, I can just put out an incident report and you can have the report amended once he obtains the video from the laundromat.‘ Mr. Brown videos the screen showing what the camera recorded with his cell phone and takes it to the MVPD at approximately 6:00 A.M. Brown gives Officer Cherry the garbage truck licence plate. The officer runs a 10-28 (registration request) and the licence plate comes back owned by R&S Waste Removal, a company owned by MVPD Deputy Commissioner Joseph Spiezio III. After watching the video, Officer Cherry amended the report and went to go submit it to his supervisor for approval and came back and told Mr. Brown the supervisor said he can’t amend the report.

When Mr. Brown got a copy of his police report, he found that it was filled out incorrectly, missing vital information.

The rear-end damage done to the vehicle left the 2016 Ford Explorer’s back door unable to be opened and preventing the couple from transporting their mother, who has been left stranded home, because they can not get her wheelchair in the family vehicle.

“Damage to both taillights, damage to the rear tailgate, the trunk won’t open and I’m still not sure of how much structural damage was done,” Mr. Brown tells BW when we asked exactly what damage was done, “because when you push a vehicle that’s in the park position, you don’t know what other damage has been done.”

State Farm, Mr. Brown’s insurance company made several attempts to obtain information from R&S Carting and was unable to get anyone on the phone. Black Westchester Magazine also tried unsuccessfully to reach R&S Carting a dozen times to no avail.

“We left the precinct frustrated. I started to figure out my next move, so do I write the commissioner, do I write the captain or was I going to go back and talk to someone in the daytime?” Brown recalls. “I had to go to work and then I called Councilman André Wallace, explained to him what happened and find out what should be my next course of action. In my opinion as a taxpayer in Mount Vernon, we feel violated. For them to do this to our vehicle, leave the scene and the police officer not be able to do anything about it. Then to deal with the insurance company and the police report doesn’t reflect exactly what happened, what do you do? We feel violated!”

Councilman André Wallace as Chair on Legislation and Public Works and Co-Chair, Standing Committee on Public Safety and Codes files a complaint on behalf of the residents of Mount Vernon and taxpayers Thursday afternoon against R&S Waste Services, Inc, the carting company owned by Deputy Police Commissioner Joseph Spiezio. In his December 22nd complaint, addressed to Acting Police Commissioner Ronald Fatigate, Councilman Wallace is requesting the licence issued to R&S Waste Services, Inc to cart refuse in the City of Mount Vernon be revoked immediately pending an investigation. (see complaint below)

Hit & Run Complaint Against R&S Waste Company by Black Westchester Magazine on Scribd

Stay tuned to Black Westchester Magazine for more on this developing story.


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