June 10, 2023
BW - Mount Vernon

MVPD Commissioner Glenn Scott Sets The Record Straight On Officer Ryan Hughes Excessive Force Case.

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After reading our news brief on the MVPD Officer Ryan Hughes arrest for the use of excessive force of a Black woman MVPD Commissioner Glenn Scott shared a factual breakdown on Officer Hughes excessive force case with Black Westchester to clear up any questions about what actually went down (see Commissioner’s statement below).

MVPD Commissioner Glenn Scott [photo courtesy of Facebook]

The original incident happened during the previous administration in August of 2019.

As my department was reviewing body cam footage on 01/06/2020, this horrific incident of prisoner abuse was discovered.

PO Hughes bodycam shows him removing the victim from the patrol car into the jail, a 54 year old, black, slightly built female prisoner handcuffed behind her back. She is screaming for him to remove his hand from the back of her neck as he is hurting her.  He escorts her to a small interview room, opens the door and shoves her with such force that her head slams into the opposite concrete wall and she crumples to the ground.  The garbage can was not a matter in the incident, she didn’t trip she was airborne. He does not attempt to call for or render aid.

By, 01/08/2020, Hughes was suspended without pay and the case was at the Westchester County DA’s office for prosecution.

On 02/20/20, ADA Sculco referred the case back to Mt. Vernon’s ADA, stating they couldn’t find the victim and even with the tapes, the case would be dropped.

On 03/25/20, my IAB investigators found out that the DA’s office had made no attempt to locate the victim and had just asked her defense attorney to try and get contact with her.

On 03/26/20, my IAB team had located the victim at her home and had a full signed statement. I believe the entire process was completed in an hour. 

On 04/10/2020, the case was turned back over to Westchester County ADA Sculco for the second time.

I was taken aback that the DA’s office would make a press release and show the tapes, as once again they had originally failed to serve the citizen’s of Mt. Vernon.  

[Editor’s Note: In the spirit of transparency which is what we all ask for Black Westchester thanks MVPD Commissioner Scott for sharing the facts about this case to clear up any rumors, innuendos and political propaganda.

Black Westchester has learned that Officer Hughes (31) has been suspended without pay pending criminal charges but a case was created in the MVPD, just in case the DA’s office fails to do their job the second time around.

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Henry hill June 15, 2020 at 8:14 PM

Can black westchester ask PC Glenn Scott about the time back when he was a new officer in the 1990s why he woukd beat his then wife. Yea thats right fellas we have a wife beater among us throwing stones. Let see if you so called rightous news reoorters will ask the hard qusstion to this wife beater. I aoukd bet you will not cause it dont fit your narrative . go ahead and ask i know the truth and everyone else shoukd no. Just pull his old file it will be in there .


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