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MVPBA President says the Mayor has put the city in Danger

Responding to a News 12 report of a Newrochelle Man being stabbed to death in Mount Vernon. PBA Nicholas Mastrogiorgio Horrible…. And so much other violence that occurred this weekend is missing from this story.

There were also multiple armed robberies and carjacking. And shame on News12 for not putting my full quote and interview in the story. Why bother asking me questions and getting real TRUTHFUL answers if you’re not going to publish them.

The Detective Division was so overworked and understaffed over the weekend that they couldn’t effectively follow up on a lot of the cases right away. They simply did not have the manpower because the only detectives working were going from one new case to the next.

Staffing issues became a major problem earlier this year, just as the PBA predicted when the Commissioner ended the Steady work chart agreement and forced cops to rotate. The Commissioner thought that move would help reduce overtime, and over the adamant objections of the PBA, he made the change anyway.

The sad thing is that even though the Commissioner knows he made a mistake (it couldn’t be more obvious), he REFUSES to give the men and women their preferred work chart back. Even though it will most definitely improve morale and help curb the staffing issues.

Now look at the Police Department; that move spurred many more cops to leave because they felt if they were rotating, they should at least get paid more, and killed the morale of other officers who are still stuck here, and the department staffing issues have never been worse.

The department hires at least 3 overtime spots per shift, sometimes as many as 6, and they are lucky if they fill those spots because the Officers are not taking the overtime for a number of reasons.

First, they feel discouraged and unappreciated because of how this administration treats them. They simply rather stay home.

Second, because of the staffing issues, they are burnt out and overworked; they are doing double the work they would normally do some days. On top of that, they are getting denied personal days off because of the staffing issues and need a break.

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Third, despite all the promises of new cars, they are still riding around in passenger vans and cars without air conditioning, even though the building is 84 degrees during the day. Who wants to come to work and drive around in a sweat box all day or work in a hot ass building. .

One day this week, they were so short on vehicles that 4 cops representing different sectors rode around together in a passenger van.

Over that busy weekend, the Mount Vernon Police Department was stretched so thin that the County Police had to come in and help patrol the city while our cops ran around from violent crime job to violent crime job.

This was what News12 should have been reporting on. This is what the people of Mount Vernon NEED to know. This is the state of Public Safety in your beloved city.


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