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MV Mayor Richard Thomas Delivers 2017 State Of The City Address

Mount Vernon Mayor Richard W. Thomas delivered his 2017 State Of The City Address in the rotunda of City Hall, Wednesday night, instead of the City Council Chambers as his own invite indicated it would be held. In his second SOTC Address since he was sworn in as the youngest mayor in the history of Mount Vernon, Mayor Thomas outlined his outlook for positive change in the city.

“Everywhere we go, people are noticing Mount Vernon,” Mayor Thomas said. “The conference of mayors, the World Economic Forum, the White House — our 4 square miles has had an impact on everyone around us.”

Even when taking shots at his fellow elected officials; the mayor painted pretty pictures and gave a vision of bright future during his address.

“I’ve extended numerous olive branches in hope that everyone would get on board with Mount Vernon’s future,” the mayor shares. “but what followed was obstruction, obstruction, obstruction.”

Many including News 12 acknowledged that none of the Council Members showed up to hear the mayor’s address but failed to report the Council was upstairs in the Council Chambers holding their regularly scheduled council meetings that take place the second and fourth Wednesday every month except July and August where only one council meeting is set for the month. A scheduled that predates and has not changed since the mayor served on the council 15 months ago.

It would have been great for the SOTC to have taking place in the Council Chamber as advertised and where previous SOTC addresses by his predecessors were held, but whether on purpose or just an oversight on the Thomas Administration’s part on the scheduling of the SOTC, we see we have a ways to go before we have our elected officials working together as a cohesive unit.

Mayor Thomas delivered a powerful address full of promise and hope that appeared to make believers out of some of his critics after a rocky first year in office. Will he be able to deliver on his promises only time well tell? As he discovered in year one, the mayor can not do it by himself, he needs to cooperation fo his fellow elected officials. We wish the mayor much success but offer this one piece of advice, it all sounds good, Mayor Thomas, now let us see what it looks like.


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  1. Bill Cappello // March 23, 2017 at 1:37 PM //

    A very good speech by Mayor Thomas. But why do I feel it’s just a typical feel-good speech? In other words, “rhetoric rhetoric rhetoric”. I am still awaiting the results promised by Mayor Thomas during his campaign in 2015. I acknowledge that he inherited a huge mess from the previous administration of Ernest Davis, and it will not be easy or quick to turn things around into a positive direction, and lift Mount Vernon out of the “ghetto mode” into which it was directed by Davis, but it’s taking way too long to see even one glimmer of anything good.
    Mayor Thomas mentioned Mount Vernon is being “noticed”. Yes, it’s noticed for being the dumping grounds for all the problems no other Westchester community will tolerate. It’s noticed by developers who know Mount Vernon is easy to “loot and plunder” and use services for which they don’t pay (police, firefighters and other emergency workers, sanitation, etc), creating hazardous conditions for everyone living here while keeping the city depressed in its attempts to uplift itself.
    He talked about upcoming planned public events, all “good times” events, but those only temporarily distract the residents from the continuing problems that plague this city.
    He talked about the monetary fines the residents of this city will have to pay for the illegal dumping of toxic waste materials at Memorial Field (which was done under the previous administration).
    He talked about the decaying sewers which have been collapsing for many years, ignored by the previous administration, and the residents, again, will have to pay for this.
    I won’t go on any further, but I’m not optimistic about many, or any, positive things happening in Mount Vernon during the next year.
    I’m a realist, who has been around long enough to know the difference between promises and results.

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