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BW Mount Vernon Primary Poll

With Primary 6 Weeks away, who would you vote for if the election was held today

Everywhere you turn over the next few months you will hear or read about one candidate or another being up or down, one candidate knocked another off the ballot and so on and so forth. It gets pretty confusing because everyone has a different perspective and it depends who is doing the talking. So Black Westchester wanted to reach out to the people of Mount Vernon directly, we want to know what you the residents of Mount Vernon think, not what the candidates are telling us and their supporters are sharing in the streets.
With the Democrat Primary only 6 weeks away, while we are still waiting to hear who is officially on the ballot, we decided to create our first ever election poll to test the waters and see where the voter of Mount Vernon are leaning.
IF THE ELECTION WAS HELD TODAY, WHO WOULD YOU VOTE FOR. There is a space beneath each poll so you can share your thought on why you think that candidate (or candidates in the case of the City Council) is the right person for the job, We want to hear from all of you.
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  1. #MaureenWalkerForMayor!!!!

  2. THE PEOPLE OF MOUNT VERNON // August 4, 2015 at 10:17 PM //


  3. Only candidate that had experience and knows how to improve our financial standing is Maureen Walker!!!

  4. Richard for Mayor

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