Mount Vernon PBA President Asks Why DOJ Is ONLY Focusing on Rank & File and Not MVPD Management?

Mount Vernon Police Department & Courthouse, 2 Roosevelt Square N, Mt Vernon [Black Westchester]

Mount Vernon PBA President Nicholas Mastrogiorgio posted a disturbing post on Facebook, Friday afternoon. In the post (which you can read in its entirety below) Mastrogiorgio alleges an unidentified individual who appears to be in Police Management has had two car accidents, one causing major damage while heavily intoxicated. What’s worst Mastrogiorgio alleges the individual used his title and position to get himself out of a DWI, what concerns me is that IF there is any truth to this, that is the very definition of Abuse of Power.

Abuse of power or abuse of authority, in the form of “malfeasance in office” or “official abuse of power“, is the commission of an unlawful act, done in an official capacity, which affects the performance of official duties. Having accidents in you Government car as using your title and position to get out of a DWI and have the reports buried is absolutely an Abuse of your power, something Black Westchester will always address.

What also concerns me if what was written in this post is true apparently everyone including this individual’s superiors are aware of all of this but have not done anything.

Here is what Mount Vernon PBA President Nicholas Mastrogiorgio posted on Facebook:

Let’s play, guess who I’m talking about….

2 and a half plus disastrous years and counting.

2 alleged car accidents, one about 2 years ago, one a couple of months ago. One causing major damage the other only minor damage but on both occasions this person appeared heavily intoxicated to the witnesses that saw him. One incident has an accident report, the other incident apparently does not. Both times he was allegedly driving a city take home car, one of the times the damage was so bad, the car had to undergo major repairs and he was given a different car. In both cases, this person allegedly used his title/position to get himself out of a DWI.

Any one of my members that would have done anything remotely close to what this person did would have been suspended without pay and ultimately fired, but this person got a free pass. I can’t prove whether or not the stories are true, but what I do know is, the city car was heavily damaged in one incident, and he appeared intoxicated in both incidents. Unfortunately, due to this lack of actual evidence, these remain allegations, but I hope this person’s superiors asked questions and is able to provide explanations if necessary.

Fast forward to last weekend and I now have a confirmed FACTUAL story to report. Apparently, this person had a drunken episode inside a NYC theater while arguing with staff. Apparently, this person could not find his COVID vaccination card and was denied entry to the theater. He began demanding to be let into the theater while yelling at theater staff members. He repeatedly stated his title and demanded to be let in the theater, even though he could not provide proof of vaccination.

The witness stated that this person appeared highly intoxicated. After a little while this person found his vaccination card and presented it to staff to be let in.

Once inside and in his seat, this person began vomiting off the side of his chair. A short time later another staff member came over to assist and he vomited on her. Finally, he was taken away and removed from the theater.

This behavior is unacceptable, and I DEMAND this person be held to the same high standards that all the rest of us at the Police Department are held too.

I’m contemplating taking all the evidence of these incidents and their alleged cover-ups that I collected to the Department of Justice, they, like you are having a hard time finding any “culture of corruption” amongst the MVPD rank and file. As I have said from the beginning, they are looking in the wrong places, I’ma help’em out a bit so they can see the Hypocrisy that everyone else sees.

The people that SHOULD know, know who I’m talking about, the question is what are they playing pop going to do about it…… ????.

Now let me state here, it is not rare for a person to air something out on social media to discredit someone else and I usually just read them and keep it moving. But I am questioning City Hall and The MVPD management, is there any truth to this. What I read was very concerning to me and should be to every resident of Mount Vernon, if this behavior is allowed to continue with no consequences someone can 0r will be killed or seriously injured the next time and that would only put the financial burden on the taxpayers of Mount Vernon when the lawsuits come.

I have not taken the time to reach out personally to City Hall or MVPD Management yet, but want to bring this post to the people to get to the bottom of it.

Lastly if many people know about this person’s actions, why at the very least hasn’t anyone assisted this individual in getting some help because it would appear they may have a problem. If no discipline is being dispensed (maybe you feel that should be the last resort) what is everyone in the know doing to get this individual some professional help, that should be the first step regardless and that part concerns me greatly. Too many times and for too many years I have seen leaders and elected officials in Mount Vernon be reactive instead of proactive, especially it situations when they all know there is a problem.

I do not know who the PBA President is speaking of, nor has Black Westchester independently corroborated anything written in this post. But it concerned me enough to write this editorial. If any of this is true and allegedly there are even internal reports, I repeat the PBA President question, why isn’t the DOJ looking into this? Why isn’t City Hall or MVPD Management doing anything about this to protect our residents, our city and most importantly the individual in question?

Many may not agree with how the PBA President handled this and even Black Westchester for posting it. But if it gets to the heart of the problem and gets people addressing this and many other related issues, we are facing then let’s get to the bottom of this now that it’s out there.

I really hope this is a gross exaggeration from a frustrated PBA President (which is often a go to defense) and if that’s the case we will address Mastro personally, but in the off chance that it’s not, it there is any bit of truth to this post I publicly ask ALL of our elected officials and the entire MVPD management, what’s up, why haven’t you done anything and now that it’s out there what are you going to do about this? Please do not call me or email me asking how could I write and post this or to sing me another chorus of Black Westchester is making Mount Vernon look bad. If this is true, this is one of the many things that are making Mount Vernon look bad, not my shinning a spotlight on it.

If it’s not true, and there is evidence that clearly shows that, I will proudly write a full-throated retraction and address the PBA President for sharing this on Facebook, but if it is, all I want to hear about is what is being done to rectify this situation. Let’s truly work on moving Mount Vernon Forward, not just use it as a hashtag or saying. The potential danger to the residents and the potential financial burden on our taxpayers for further inaction is too high of a price to pay to remain silent, sweep this under the rug and continue with business as usual..

This probably should have been handled internally, I give you that and agree, but it hasn’t been, now that it’s out there, what will be done about this. No time for finger pointing, attacking people we don’t like because they are being outspoken or talking about what anyone else did or isn’t doing. Its time for some REAL TALK and REAL ACTION!!!


  • Great editorial AJ. As usual, you are asking the tough questions, which are the questions we all want answers to. This is the very essence of why we have the 1st Amendment freedoms of speech and press that we do, and why they were included in the 1st Amendment, as a hierarchy of importance.

    I can tell you from my first hand experiences as a retired police officer of the NYPD and someone who is now an attorney representing police officers and police supervisors, that when a career professional police Lieutenant and union president, like Nick Mastrogiorgio, goes public with allegations like this, you can bet that it is because he has already reported the details of these allegations (naming names) to the appropriate authorities who have apparently done NOTHING to address these allegations. This frustrates the hell out of good honest cops. That is because these officers have the personal discipline to both administer equal justice every day that they are out there on patrol, and at the same time conduct themselves with the expectation that they are equally accountable under the law for their own actions.

    That is why Lady Justice carries a balanced scale in one hand and a sword in the other, while blindfolded. We refer to it as “blind justice” because Lady Justice will strike down the MVPD Police Commissioner with her sword just as quickly and with the same vigor that she will strike down the career criminal who commits a crime, because she is blindfolded and cannot tell them apart, nor should she.

    It’s just amazing how short some elected officials’ memories are. The last public official to ignore serious allegations of corruption and police misconduct (former Westchester District Attorney, Anthony Scarpino) was decisively voted out of office in disgrace, ending his political career.

    Now, we have all been sitting on the sidelines, patiently watching and waiting to see what Mount Vernon’s “new” Mayor (who took office in January of 2020) and new district attorney (who took office in January of 2021) are doing to restore the honor, integrity, professionalism, and pride back into the Mount Vernon Police Department. But like so many others, our patience is running out because complaints of official misconduct and abuse of authority continue to be ignored. The voters of Mount Vernon have made clear that they want and expect blind justice, accountability, and transparency. Mess with that at your own peril!

  • This is such Bullshit.

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