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Mount Vernon Families For Justice Address City Council

Mount Vernon –  Nazarene Duncan, mother of Wilbert “Junior” Francis who was shot 14 times and killed June 10, 2016 and Wilfred Dennis, brother of Kyle “Skeet” Dennis who was murdered at Arts on Third, Sunday, Sept. 18, 2016 address the Mount Vernon City Council, Wednesday night to demand justice for their lost loved ones, whose murders remain unsolved.

As two of the organizing members of the Mount Vernon Families For Justice, Duncan and Dennis shared their experiences with the MVPD and informed the City Council and all those in the City Council Chambers that they will not give up in their quest for justice for their lost loved one. They also announced their upcoming rally for justice planned for Saturday, February 11th at 1:00 P.M.

Naz tell the Council of her experience with the Mount Vernon Police Department, Mayor Richard W. Thomas, Deputy Police Commissioner Joseph Spiezio and Roberta James.

“All I want is justice for my son,” Naz told the council, “and I felt disrespected by the Mayor and Commissioner Fatigate who was there from the beginning… what for photo ops? (see her whole statement in video below).

“Right now we don’t have any confidence in the police department, and I’m saying this because we don’t,” Wilfred Dennis tells the Council. (see Wilfred’s statement in the video below).

BW Publisher, Damon K. Jones, discusses being cyber stalked by Deputy Police Commissioner Joseph Spiezio and how Naz called him the minute she got the call about her son’s murder and drove her from hospital to hospital looking for her son, because the police could not or would not tell her where her son’s body was taken. (see Damon’s statement in the video below).

The Mount Vernon Families For Justice will gather and stand together on the steps of City Hall, Saturday, February 11th at 1:00 P.M. to demand justice for the loved ones who were killed on the streets of Mount Vernon and their murders have gone unsolved. (see flyer below).

“Don’t Speak About it, Live It,” Nazarean Duncan shares with BW. “Come out in Peace and Solidarity as I continue my quest for Justice⚖️ not just for Junior but the other Mothers Fathers and Families that are Unsolved Murders and swept to the wayside by Our Officials. We have to make it known that WE Demand Professionalism and Accountability and exterminate the CHILDISH BEHAVIORS that had been portrayed our lives are at stake. “Be The Change We Expected” Be your Slain family members voice get them the Justice they deserve.
I know for sure I loved my son beyond infinity and there is No One, No Price, No Influence that can make me Stop Putting my sons On the FRONT burner of my life. I will go old and die fighting for justice for my child.”


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