June 6, 2023
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Mt Vernon Family Demands Justice For NYPD Kicking In Their Door & Illegally Searching Their Home

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Mount Vernon, NY — Geneva Smith, a 54-year-old woman renting an apartment in a three-story building on South Terrace Avenue, with her husband Bishop R. Smith, they are demanding to know why NYPD officers broke through their front door Tuesday, pushed her to the ground and searched her apartment without showing her a warrant.

For the second time in less than a month, the NYPD have come into Mount Vernon, feeling they can do as they wish without any recourse and need to contact the MVPD that they are in their jurisdiction.

On August 28th, a gun-buy gone wrong that started off in the Bronx spilled over the a quiet Mount Vernon neighborhood and led to an innocent bystander killed in the fracas. Now on Tuesday, officers believed to be part of the NYPD Warrant Squad claim to have a warrant, allegedly broke through the door on the second floor of a three-story house, pushed the resident living there to the ground, search the apartment and then left when they heard MVPD were en-route.

BW sat down with Geneva Smith and her husband to allow them to share they ordeal in their own words.

Were the officers actually NYPD officers? was there in fact a legal warrant? Why is NYPD in Mt. Vernon again without extending the common courtesy of informing the MVPD? Is it because they don’t trust the MVPD and if that is the case, why? Stay tuned to BW as we seeks answers for the family in this developing story.

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