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Stephanie Vanderpool; 1st African-American Woman Commissioner of Assessment and Taxation (City Assessor) in New York State

Mount Vernon Mayor Appoints First African-American Woman As City Assessor!


Mount Vernon Mayor Richard Thomas has a rocky first 35 days in office, with much scrutiny on his administration’s appointments. With several of the appointments being White, one of the main complaints have stemmed from a lack of persons of color in the appointments. While he will never be able to please everyone in Mount Vernon, at least the critics can not complain about his latest appointment for the same reasons.

Mayor Richard Thomas announced his appointed of Stephanie Vanderpool to the role of Commissioner of Assessment and Taxation (City Assessor) in the City of Mount Vernon, Friday, February 5th, via press release. Ms. Vanderpool will be the first African-American woman to hold this title in Mount Vernon’s history. The first African-American woman in the State of New York to hold the position. Prior to her appointment, she served as the Deputy Commissioner of Assessment and Taxation for more than a decade.

The press release goes on to explain that; the Department of Assessment is the lifeblood of the City. It is responsible for the valuation of all the real property (real estate) and is managed by a Commissioner/Assessor who is assisted by a Deputy and two clerks. More than fifty percent of the city’s revenue is derived by the work of this department.

The city will celebrate Assessor Vanderpool’s historic appointment on Tuesday, February 9th at 6:00 p.m. in the rotunda at City Hall, as part of Black History Month. This is part of the Black History Month event taking place at City Hall starting at 5:30 P.M.

“This is BIG! Ms. Vanderpool’s appointment breaks a barrier for women, especially African-American women in the region,” Mayor Thomas says in the statement. “History is being made and her unparalleled skills and astute acumen will help property owners get more value out of their investments in Mount Vernon. She is sharp, fair and focused on implementing the vision to see Mount Vernon rise again.”

A lifetime resident of the City of Mount Vernon, Stephanie G. Vanderpool, has been employed with the City for over ten years having risen through the ranks to her current position.

As Assistant Assessor, she helps administer and evaluate all properties and assessments and is responsible for administering property tax exemptions. Stephanie assists the Assessor in field inspections and measurements of properties for re-assessment of new construction; evaluates fire-damaged property and demolition of existing structures. In addition, she assists the Assessor in appraisal of real property for assessment purposes and balancing the City’s Assessment Roll.

Stephanie is a member of Westchester County Chapter of New York State Assessor’s Association. She is married and has three children.

BW celebrates Stephanie Vanderpool achievements and congratulates her on her new appointment as the new Commissioner of Assessment and Taxation (City Assessor) in the State of New York.

Vanderpool is also being honored by Mayor Thomas in a black history celebration, Tuesday, February 9, 2015 in the Rotunda at City Hall.


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2 Comments on Stephanie Vanderpool; 1st African-American Woman Commissioner of Assessment and Taxation (City Assessor) in New York State

  1. Congratulations to Stephanie Vanderpool on being appointed Commissioner of Assessment and Taxation!  She was Deputy Commissioner for many years and certainly knows her job well.  This is a long overdue appointment.

    As for  “several of the appointments being White, one of the main complaints have stemmed from a lack of persons of color in the appointments.” – Maybe this new Mayor, Richard Thomas, is actually hiring and appointing people based on their ability and qualifications to do the job, rather than continuing the nepotism and cronyism of the previous two Mayors (Davis and Young).

    I don’t know anything about the other appointees, since nothing has been publicized, but I do know this – the people that have been replaced were (mostly) friends of the previous Mayor(s) and knew very little, or usually nothing, about their job duties and responsibilities.

  2. Over 60% of the leadership positions in city hall are black. People need to lay off the mayor an concentrate on making their city better. Congrats stephy!

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