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A New Column By Dr. Osiris Imhotep

Who do you want Barabbas, or Jesus?

I am excited that the Editor-In-Chief of Black Westchester has given me the opportunity to make this my inaugural writing for them. What a privilege, I am so grateful, and look forward to many more writings for this column.   

I named the column Mudd In My Eye’s from the story where Jesus picks up some dirt and spits into his hands and gives sight to the blind man.  2nd the story of Blood In My Eye, by George Jackson. 3rdly Bob Dylan, Blood In My Eyes, which is a cover of I’ve Got Blood in My Eyes for you, from the Mississippi Sheiks.

In this column we will discuss Theology, Politics, Black Lives Matter, Hip-Hop Culture, and the death of Religion as we know it. I grew up as a member of the A.M.E. Zion denomination. I became a Black Panther, Black Muslim, Orthodox Muslim, Missionary Baptist, and now Non-Denominational.  

Whoa! Now, that I have your attention. That should be enough to make someone want to read my column. Today however, I would like to discus how People Of Color saved American Democracy. In true Hip-Hop, fashion. I keep my ears in the mud, while recognizing I am from mud.  

It seems that the world around us is having all kind of break downs, this includes the church. They are witnessing prayers not being effective, from the likes of many who have been built up as Super Pastors. Rich politicians telling poor people what is best for them, while enjoying inside trading which makes millions for them. Not to mention they have government Rolls Royce Heath Care. While all along people who vote for them have none. Ezekiel 22 speaks about how our leaders are like wolves tearing our skin shedding blood to kill to make unjust gain. Yet, we reward them time and time again. Hatred along with Racism has made some of us say kill Jesus, we want Barabbas.

Within the last 4 years Jesus has more than ever disappeared in the very lives of those who say they are Christian. Now that the 2020 election is over, what will the Church look like, will it pivot?   

Keeping it 100, the Church will not be what we once were? We have seen how easy it is to fool Christians. We see People Of Color leaving churches pastored by undercover racist. In a time where Herod seeks to kill Persons of Color.   

Here is my plea to churches, we must unite or die as what was once known as the Church. Where do the people turn for HOPE? Today I heard a woman call in to a radio show asking that religious zealots be tagged and allowed to go without mask on an Island; to kill each other.

Here is the thing, people who say they are followers are many times not willing to listen to science until they need it to live. Yahweh said put blood on the door post so the angel of death will pass the believers, and not kill them.  

So why do you think God would not tell us to put a Mask on to save lives? There is a long history as to the Church’s war against Philosophy, and Science. The Church for one has never been a fan of Science, Philosophy, music or dance. 

How do I know, I am glad you asked? Did you know the church chased out Thomas Dorsey, and Mahaila Jackson, the creators of ‘Precious Lord, Take My Hand?’ The Church believed their music wasn’t from God. It was Cousin Brucie of Radio WABC, who was the first to play, ‘Oh Happy Day‘ on Pop Radio, and the Church was upset.

How about Snoop Dogg having the number 1 Gospel Album for months? Oh boy, what a sinner Snoop was to many in the Church. Talk about Crucifixion, such hypocrisy. There have been many entertainers they given passes to. Here’s something to marinate on?

We must stop thinking Jesus is just like us? Why is it that so many people think Jesus thinks like them? Feels like them; even acts like them? The reality is too many think Jesus is a recreation of ourselves, and the fact is we are no where near being like Jesus.

The biggest mistake we make is that we try to make Jesus like ourselves. In other words, if God has made us in His image? Then we have returned the favor, “(Voltaire).” We rarely chose the Savior we need, but the one we want.

We tend to make God feel like we feel, what we desire, and look; by that time, we have made God. Thomas Jefferson gave us The Jefferson Bible – The Life and Morals of Jesus of Nazareth in 1820, where in it he only used the moral things about Jesus. But nothing about His Divinity. 

He made sure Jesus was said to have been sealed in the tomb, with no mention of the Resurrection, never speaking about Jesus the Miracle Maker. Which brings me back to, what will the Church and world look like after this pandemic? Will we continue to project ourselves on to Jesus, God? Will we project ourselves on to our Pastors, our Public Leaders?

Because whatever we believe we need we will project it. If we believe we need more power, then we will overlook any wrong so long as they can give you power, (Cult Personality). Whatever you project, you are it. The Election is over we have a New President January 20, 2021.  

Trump is gone, the Republican party has become a quasar terrorist group, and the Democratic Party must reconcile with its self, and America.   

So, the question is Who do you want Barabbas, or Jesus? Stay up and blessed.

Dr. Osiris Imhotep is the Sr. Pastor of GCC Gospel Cultural Center


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