Mount Vernon PBA President Denies Endorsement, Accuses Mayor of Setbacks and False Claims and violation MV City Charter and Election Law

In a recent statement, Nicholas Mastrogiorgio, the President of the Mount Vernon Police Benevolent Association (PBA), vehemently denied endorsing Shawyn Patterson-Howard for Mayor. Mastrogiorgio further criticized the mayor’s administration, claiming it had set back the Police Department and public safety by two decades.

The statement by Mastrogiorgio comes in response to a flyer that features members of the Mount Vernon Police Department, who are also members of the PBA, with her campaign logo Re-Elect Shawn Patterson Howard for Mayor. Residents have stated that this flyer was received in the mail. The PBA President condemned the flyer, labeling the claim as an “absolute outright lie” and expressed embarrassment over the current state of the city and its public safety record.

Mastrogiorgio, clearly outraged by the flyer, remarked, “Anyone that reads this flyer and doesn’t laugh should be ashamed of themselves.” He has already sought legal counsel to explore potential legal actions against the Mayor and the City for the unauthorized use of police employees in uniform.

PBA President Nicholas Mastrogiorgio accused the mayor of violating New York State Election Law. According to Mastrogiorgio, it is illegal for a police officer to appear in uniform in a political advertisement.

Claiming that the mayor only pretends to care about the police and public safety, Mastrogiorgio criticized Patterson-Howard for allegedly putting officers at risk by featuring them in a political ad while wearing their uniforms. He argued that such a move undermines the professionalism and impartiality expected of law enforcement officers.

Adding to the irony, Mastrogiorgio pointed out that both Mayor Patterson-Howard and her former Commissioner, Glen Scott, had previously attempted to terminate officers merely for being assigned to a traffic detail at a political motorcade. He emphasized the audacity of the mayor in now using the very same officers in her political flyers, despite allegedly holding them back and causing financial harm for the past three and a half years.

The Mayor has been under fire from the PBA for the last year after offering them six years of zero raises. Mount Vernon is currently the lowest-paid Police Department in Westchester County.

However, Mastrogiorgio remained undeterred and stated that the PBA would file a complaint with the state election board regarding the alleged New York State Election Law violation. The filing of the complaint signifies the escalation of tensions between the PBA and the mayor’s administration, further fueling the already intense political atmosphere in Mount Vernon.

The PBA President, Nicholas Mastrogiorgio, accused the mayor of violating Article 10, Department of Public Policy, Section 124 of the City Charter of Mount Vernon, NY.

While the PBA has not yet made a formal endorsement, Mastrogiorgio hinted at discussions within the organization regarding the endorsement process. He also mentioned that he would personally announce his endorsement soon. However, he clarified that the endorsement would be for “anyone BUT Shawyn,” implying a lack of confidence in the incumbent mayor’s ability to lead.

The controversy surrounding the flyer has added fuel to the already intense political atmosphere in Mount Vernon. The mayor has faced mounting criticism from various quarters, with concerns being raised about the city’s public safety and overall governance.

As the mayoral race in Mount Vernon continues to heat up, residents eagerly await the formal endorsement from the PBA and Nicholas Mastrogiorgio. The outcome of the election and the potential legal actions in response to the flyer controversy will undoubtedly shape the city’s future.