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Mount Vernon Democratic Party continues with classic smear politics as usual. Democrats eat their own!

When a Democrat elected officials run against the norm of the Democratic Oligarchs, to smear a good elected officials name is the Modus Operandi. 

Why would these Democratic leaders send a letter to the voters that is so trivial?  Calling a lifelong Democrat, a Republican during a Democratic primary, and equating him to Trump is equivalent to what former President Barak Obama calls a ‘circular firing squad.’  

“One of the things I do worry about sometimes among progressives in the United States, maybe it’s true here as well, is a certain kind of rigidity where we say, ‘Ah, I’m sorry, this is how it’s gonna be.’ And then we start sometimes creating what’s called a circular firing squad where you start shooting at your allies because one of them is straying from purity on the issues. And when that happens, typically the overall effort and movement weaken,” Obama said. 

Every one of Mount Vernon’s Mayoral candidates’ interviews with the Republican party for the party line. Republicans do not primary candidates because there are not enough of them registered in Mount Vernon.  Clyde Isley sought to gain the Republican line in 1994, and Shawyn Patterson-Howard and Richard Thomas sought the party line in this current election cycle.

What these so-called Democrats are doing is playing on the peoples’ lack of understanding of the political process in Mount Vernon. What it does is really show the level of respect they have for the voter. In essence, they are no different from Republicans in the south; there just suppressing the vote for a Democrat in the north!

So why this smear campaign now?  Could it be that Shawyn Patterson-Howard wants to distance herself from Joseph Spiezio, who has publicly called her a liar about their relationship and how close they were? 

This Thomas/Patterson draconian chapter in Mount Vernon’s history has damaged the city’s image and rocked the town to the core.  Shawyn Patterson-Howard was a member of this despicable administration for almost a year. The Chief of staff, while Thomas used her to do all the dirty work against the hard-working citizens of Mount Vernon.  

She didn’t quit. She didn’t stand up to the corruption. She was fired, and now she is the bastion of integrity?  Please look at the facts, look who was a party to corruption before they were forced out. In her arrogance, she still has not apologized to all the people of Mount Vernon for the role that she played against the people of Mount Vernon.

Isley has never been an elected official, he lost the last city council election, he was AWOL in this city for almost 30 years. He has shown no ability to bring people together, most Mount Vernon residents do not even know who he is. Not one supporter or his campaign has provided anything that he has done in the last year to better the lives of the people of Mount Vernon, and this is who the Democrats have nominated. 

So, what is the point for any elected official in Westchester to stand up against corruption, work with the Attorney General’s Office to get the city top lawyer indicted, put his life and families living on the line for protecting the city; and this is the thanks he gets?  To be called a Republican by the same party he has protected its integrity. Is this how Democrats treat Democrats? 

Why can’t we focus on the issues of the people instead of trying to hoodwink them? These are the issues, and they are trying to silence the lone voice in this wilderness of destruction. Andre Wallace has been the only voice and the only person that county, state, and federal bodies could rely on for documents and leadership against this city corruption for the last three years.   

What this election has proved, win or lose is that the Democratic Party doesn’t have to worry about Trump. The Democratic leadership in Westchester has shown that we will always be our worse enemy because the Democratic Party will eat its own!


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