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Morning Joe: If You’re White & Have Pounds Of Coke You Wouldn’t Get Treated Like Terence Crutcher [Video]

Joe Scarborough (MSNBC)

MSNBC’s morning show, ‘Morning Joe’ host, Joe Scarborough expressed outrage over the police shooting of Terence Crutcher, saying the stranded black motorist posed no threat to officers and was apparently following their orders when he was killed.

Morning Joe said the videotaped killing was one of the clearest examples yet of racist policing that Black Lives Matter and other groups have tried to push back against.

Scarborough and his panelists didn’t understand why police would shoot Crutcher for having drugs in his car, as they have alleged, saying that just wouldn’t happen to white drivers.

“If you’re white, if you’re from the neighborhoods that we live in, and your arms are in the air, you could have, like, pounds of coke in the back and be straight out of ‘Miami Vice’ and you wouldn’t get treated like that,” Scarborough said.

His guest, Princeton University professor Eddie Glaude Jr., said police have tried to justify the latest “senseless” killing by claiming Crutcher was high on drugs and saying he had PCP in his disabled SUV.

“One of the most exhausting country is that we have to convince people, we have to convince white America of what is actually happening in our communities,” said Glaude, the chair of the university’s African-American studies department. “Here we have a video clearly a video of a man with his hands up, seemingly complying in way, shape, form and fashion like we thought we saw with Philando Castille.”


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