Blacks Are Masters at Misappropriating Resources

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062512-national-black-buying-powerAs so-called blacks, a classification given to us by White Supremacy, we continuously moan and groan about our struggles and the injustices from lack of resources. But are we really lacking resources or are we guilty of misappropriating resources?
Two of the most powerful resources are human resources and capital (dollars and cents) I am told that “African-Americans” (another term I don’t invest much in) has an annual economic buying power of 1.2 Trillion dollars. Now, I can’t count that much, but to me, this seems like an awful lot of money.

BP2012slugI want to think that this is more economic power than what is available to all of the English speaking Caribbean nations combined, but I am just speculating. I have not confirmed that. Nonetheless, I doubt any rational minded individual will argue that 1.1 Trillion dollars is chump change.

The question is what do we do with that money? The honest answer is that we MISAPPROPRIATE it! This might sound harsh, but when we evaluate our actions devoid of emotions, misappropriation is the obvious conclusion. We waste our money foolishly on things that keep us in dire straits economically, so that we can continue to become angry about not having money.

Human capital is another great resource that we have. But unfortunately, we have not used it to advanced our own cause. Others have more effectively used our strength in numbers to advance themselves. All they had to do was pretend to be our friends by visiting our communities, our churches and our homes. Meanwhile they kept us far away from their communities, their places of worship (where the speak other languages) and their homes.

Those folks lacked the human resources. Their population numbers are much lower than ours, but their representation in the power structure far exceeds most. When you stop and think that those individuals themselves were powerless and they suffer similar fates as us, but today, their influence and power overwhelm, just open your eyes and see the role your numbers played in that process.

It’s time for us to stop feeling sorry for ourselves and stop depending on others’ help. They only help themselves. It’s time for us to help ourselves. But, we cannot help ourselves if we continue to treat one another as human waste. We are all important to the cause of uplifting our condition. We must now begin to think strategically.

blackmoneyWhat would happen if all of the black gangs throughout the United States was to form an alliance to stand up against White Supremacy? These are our soldiers. They have lived the life of combat. They have lived in the trenches. Why don’t we stop killing one another and start working together to kill The System of White Supremacy. We have specialization in all departments throughout our so-called black race. We have both brains and brawn. It’s time for the brains and the brawn to connect.

We are all victims of the same form of oppression at different stations within our lives. During Segregation, when the KKK had a license to kill black people, Marcus Garvey organized millions nationally and internationally to empower ourselves. Garvey is the father of black power. Before him, no one to my knowledge was saying black was beautiful because white racists conditioned us to feel ugly and worthless.

Software: Microsoft Office
Software: Microsoft Office

Just three days ago, on September 9, 2015, Mike Huckabee, a presidential candidate running on the Republican ticket boldly stated that The Supreme Court Decision in Dred Scott is still the law of the land. This means that blacks are not even “second class citizens” as they treat us, but we are not even citizens. We are still slaves. If Huckabee had made an offensive comment about Israel, even black people who call themselves Christians would have been on him. But your Jewish friends whom you have elected to power in America, the same ones who claimed they stood with you in your fight for civil rights are silent when Huckabee says you have no rights here.

It’s time for us to start thinking. We have no friends, but ourselves. If you have not been invited to someone’s home, or their place of worship, the reality is that you are just an associate. You are not a friend. They keep you as an associate because you have some benefit that they want and usually those benefits are your economic power and your human resources, especially your vote.. Wake up!

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